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  1. There isn't anything like quality control. No systematic procedure to reproduce bug. So it look like they appear random. Everyone uses phone differently. They use different network, set different settings, have different usage patterns, different software installed and have different revisions. You are imply that others must make something wrong because your usage don't produce bugs, but your way of using this phone don't represent every possible scenario.
  2. Rom is not stable while in navigation like every CM. After some time around 45 min or more phone restarts. Sometimes gps fixate and becoming crazy, screen rotate 180 degrees forth and back. I thing that very little people use this phone for GPS navigation. Nobody reporting that problem.
  3. I will not say anything about bugs and stability (to short time to judge) but battery life is phenomenal. This can match stock and in some scenarios may be better. I am impressed. I have installed slim gaps there wasn't google search in it. Maybe that help a little. I have always turn of location check in and google now when I was using it but still evil google may log something who know. In idle there aren't any activity in battery stats. On other roms there was tons of little piks on activity graph all the time but not in this one.
  4. Tragic flaw of stock based roms. All roms based on 19X has flaw with Phone and SystemUI low memory killing priority. It is possible to kill those processes by using resource heavy app like browser. When Phone service is killed you don't have any sign of incoming call and on the other side persons calling hear dialing signal. Phone when killed should be restarted right away or be unkillable but on 19X based roms it can take even hours to restart. In that time you are blank for other people. You can simulate this by restarting by hand Phone service in running apps tab in setting. It will not get up and you have situation above.
  5. I can confirm this one. Phone doesn't deep sleep with Bluetooth turned on.
  6. 20131020 has bug with play store. When locale are set to English everything works. If to Polish Play store don't recognize account (don't see my purchases) additionally it false recognize country. I am unable to to install Google keyboard (country not supported) which install fine in Polish on other roms.
  7. Aby hance for overclock.ko for stock kernel?
  8. I am happy to report that ROM 9.26 doesn't have any battery drainage issue. In period of 8 hours take only 3% when idling. On load don't seams to by as effective but is hard to judge in such short time. I have noticed that zram settings doesn't nothing. Is little slower than stock but more than usable.