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    Hudl Successfully rooted via MAC OSX

    -- Thank you for your very kind words BASS4V! Whilst I will gracefully accept your thanks for assisting you with setting up the dependencies on OSX, the terminal work, and the OSX compiled rkflashtool, I must make it clear that all credits for the method of rooting the hudl remain with Paul O'Brien. A guide for others on how to root their hudl from a "stock" OSX build would be extremely welcome however I suggest we leave the releasing of the OSX rkflashtool to Paul O'Brien, who i know has this in hand, for the sake of continuity :) Look forward to the guide... Regards Ltf
  2. learntofly

    RK3188 Video Issues?

    Hi mate.. No I'm on 12.2.. I'm don't follow Xbmc's development as much as I should, has there been some sort of major optimisation since the last stable? Cheers
  3. learntofly

    RK3188 Video Issues?

    a lot of dropped frames on 1080p unfortunately (lower bitrate than my 720p file however, so i know its not a wifi bandwidth issue) im assuming the downscaling is GPU intensive? Watchable but only just
  4. learntofly

    RK3188 Video Issues?

    I installed Xbmc, and played 720p h.264 encoded video, encoded roughly at 1.5GB per hour (sorry not sure the bit rate) over. SAMBA/CIFS share without any trouble?
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    Looking for Hudl root Beta testers

    @BASS4V check your inbox i replied to you earlier today
  6. learntofly

    Looking for Hudl root Beta testers

    Hi Sign me up! Comfortable with Linux.. Unsure of the build version, basically got the hudl home a couple of hours ago.. (first android device, however ive been jailbreaking iOS devices for about 5 years), havent updated the firmware to "version 1.2" to be safe, I decided to sniff the update procedure in wireshark (requests to device.mobile.tesco.com and d21u4yd4ydm3pd.cloudfront.net seem interesting) attempting to spoof the update procedure into exiting without finding an update on the server however its all TLS encrypted :( Also tried exploring the filesystem with gMTP but its correctly sandboxed.. therefore i have a q 1) is it ok to download the initial update to the device, so i can actually use the bloody thing before rooting it? :) Other than that let me know how/when you want me to test it Cheers, Ltf