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  1. execpwd added a post in a topic [KERNEL][LINARO]ADV AOSP Kernel V1.6[02.04.2015]   

    Your dropbox account is down, so we can't really download the kernel anymore. Can you please establish a workaround for this? ( maybe mirror it somewhere else? ). Thank you very much ! :D
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  2. execpwd added a post in a topic [DEV][MOD][TOOL] ACERTool v4 [UPDATED]   

    Thanks. I will root it tonight, I didn't take the phone with me ...
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  3. execpwd added a post in a topic [DEV][MOD][TOOL] ACERTool v4 [UPDATED]   

    I recently managed to 'fry' my old Acer's motherboard, so I did what any owner would do, ordered a motherboard from a guy that broke his phone's display. The problem is that I wanted to root it and Acer Tool redirects me to a dead dropbox link where I am supposed to download what? I suppose that was the superuser zip. Can someone give me a link to a compatible superuser? ( the one that you have to copy on your SD Card ... )
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  4. execpwd added a post in a topic [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)   

    You will only be able to activate that ' tablet ui ' on custom roms like ParanoidAndroid / AOKP or Pac-ROM. If you want to dig deeper , you can 'activate it' on CyanogenMod 10.2 with a custom patch. As Spacecaker said , on 4.4 there is no 'pure' tablet ui , but phablet and phone... 
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  5. execpwd added a post in a topic [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]   

    Log cats for the win!
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  6. execpwd added a post in a topic What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)   

    Glad you managed to solve the problem!
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  7. execpwd added a post in a topic Help ? Thank you in advance.   

    Problem solved. Advanced wipe and do not choose wipe data... Also, went towards AOKP. Pretty cool until now...
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  8. execpwd added a topic in Google / Asus Nexus 7 - Nexus7.MoDaCo.com   

    Help ? Thank you in advance.
    Hello everyone. I really want to change the ROM, but I have some questions. 
    First : I copy the ROMS on my tablet. When I boot into TWRP and select factory reset / wipe data , won't it delete the ROM I have copied on my tablet earlier? It would be pretty stupid , because I don't see how you could do that without copying the ROM on your internal storage, and the recovery deleting your ROM while factory resetting would be stupider...
    Second : Will Google automaticaly reinstall everything I had installed from Google Play ? ( I have enabled automatic reinstall of application and saving my data in settings ). I don't want to search for all the apps again , and I want to go towards Paranoid Android ... 
    Thank you very much , and sorry for these noobish questions, but I don't really have the time to reinstall everything, and some information would help me. 
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  9. execpwd added a post in a topic [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]   

    Same for me... Random freezes , which I hate... Battery life is ~ 10 % under Reca , and I don't know why. Still , going back to stock again ...
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  10. execpwd added a post in a topic What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)   

    First of all , install a fresh , clean windows. Enable auto-driver installing. Install Java Dev. Kit. and Android Debugging Bridge drivers. After that , you can install Acer Toolkit. 
    Also , try the 'soft brick - unbrick ' method from acerblogspot. I tend to beleive your CWM was installed poorly and it isn't functional. Your only possibility is to boot in TWRP and reflash stock / RECA Rom.
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  11. execpwd added a post in a topic What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)   

    Try to boot into recovery using the Acer Tool. Also, try using TWRP. Try installing RECA ROM instead, see if you can flash that...
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  12. execpwd added a post in a topic Show ur Screenshots   

    Since I received some PMs I will simply write here what tools / apps I am using to customise my S500. First of all, I am using a launcher ( in the last screenshots I used Smart Launcher Pro v2), the lockscreen is integrated in launcher, but if you want some more customisation, I recommend WidgetLocker and MiLocker. Secondly, I am using certain Xposed Frameworks, like GravityBox, XBlastTools, but also basic root apps like ROM Manager and ROM Toolbox. For a more personalised look, I recommend XThemeEngine, which is a xposed module, and let's not forget about custom icon packs.
    In the future, if you want me to, I will also post some screenshots of my Nexus devices, my Huawei and my Vonino, since I managed to personalise them according to my necessity or even my mood. Of course, the look of my phones change every day, because I am getting bored after a while...
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  13. execpwd added a post in a topic Show ur Screenshots   

    It's in-built in the Launchers Lock screen application. I am using Smart Launcher Pro (v2)
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  14. execpwd added a post in a topic Show ur Screenshots   

    My current configuration. xD
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  15. execpwd added a post in a topic Errors during CM10.1 build   

    He tried to mod the One S's (with the same chipset - Snap. S4) drivers and boot up. It failed twice, but after 2-3 hours , when I went to take my phone he said he might come up with something. He is currently working on some enhancements on my Ascend Mate and my Nexus 7 , since I told him I need the S500 for personal use ... After he will finish the Rom for my Ascend Mate , I will give the s500 for future development ... Until then , I am using my N4 and S500
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