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    Huawei Ascend Y300
  1. funtikar

    battery life

    its Galaxy Core and the rating was from gsmarena's own battery life test
  2. funtikar

    battery life

    I noted that too , im not sure if its like that on stock ROM since I didnt really bothered to look at the time I really feel like Y300 should have more battery life,(I'd like to think that it does)..check out Galaxy Core battery life rating on GSMarena (49H)... it already lost at playing games , it could have atleast covered battery life.... :unsure: galaxy core has a slightly larger screen with the same chipset.
  3. funtikar

    battery life

    offtopic a bit... lol I bought xperia M yesterday,rite after i saw your comment...yep tons of bloatware even more than huawei's but Its hard to debloat Sony. But whats interesting is seeing Y300 actually takes better picture than the Xperia M(after all the stuff sony said about Exmor RS )... the huawei autofocus much faster and better than the M,can take better picture in low light,less red dot
  4. funtikar

    battery life

    hehe, I'm thinking of getting Xperia M , so thats a good news.... Thats what I thought too,I expected the battery life would be good because it has a rather weak gpu but its only fair
  5. I noted that too...the screen percentage would be around 60% eventhough I've set brightness to lowest
  6. just flashed..I love how much snappier it is to scroll in settings and not see the micro lag during launcher animations but theres a problem , I cant seem to find my laptop's Connectify wifi Hotspot but I can see my neighbours wifi hotspot(hardware), yeah it did find the hotspot when it was on stock...any idea?
  7. wOW thank you very much.... I just received huawei's respond today and they are still saying its wrong(after a week of waiting)
  8. Batman The Dark Knight Rises - in gameplay but laggy and colourful 3D infinite planes would show up and make it unplayable Have anyone tried Xperia Play optimized games?
  9. funtikar

    battery life

    wow I still haven't received mine too.. Have you? although they did respond to me once through the form but they said I gave the wrong info but after checking it I'm pretty sure its correct, I submitted again the same info via form a week ago then no respond.. Also tried the email and no respond (been 3 days for the email)
  10. I'm totally in with this, going to dust off my paypal account. I see the potential in this because the Y300 is available universally in countries and it's really cheap for the specs its offering.