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  1. GravityBox Bug for Motorola Moto G

    Reinstall GravityBox + Xposed. Problem solved.
  2. Does anybody who uses GravityBox have this problem: In the last two days I have experienced some problems with the versions 2.96 and 2.97. 1. Everytime I opened the phone, in the first half of second, the screen was completely blue. After that, all was OK. 2. Another thing: when someone was calling me, the screen turned off. When I tried to open the screen by pressing the power button, the screen turned on and in the next second was off again. The behaviour repeated everytime I pressed the power button and someone was calling me. I have a Motorola Moto G. Android 4.3 I experienced these problems first with 2.97, after that I downgraded to 2.96 with the same results. Without gravitybox installed, I don't get the mentioned problems.
  3. The problem: the signal of the wifi dissapear for short period of time, time in which the wireless is not working. The phone is using the official Android 4.4 without any modifications (root, bootload unlocked etc) Do you have this problem?
  4. So, what is your experience with Motorola Moto G? On KitKat, the only thing I managed to use is a mouse and a keyboard. Instead, with every single usb memory I get stuck. Any advices on this directions?
  5. 1. Can't change the dialler with a custom dialler. Everytime I check a missed call, it ask me what dialler should I choose. EVERY Fu*** TIME! 2. Can't add shortcuts to the lockscreen, only widget. And the alternatives from GooglePlay suck. Sometimes I wonder how the people from Google stay in one room, at the table and ask themselves: what thing should we make a litlle more complicated than right now, where could would add another touch of the finger?
  6. Phone bootloop, don't know what to do anymore

    Try here: 1. Try a xml ROM. 2. Be very carefull when you put the ROM that command reference to the right name of the files. Example: mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk1 Check if the file is really named system.img_sparsechunk1 .
  7. 1. So, how many GBs do I receive for every version: 8GB = maybe 5GB? 16GB = maybe 11GB? 2. Do I have a notification led? What colors? 3. How is the in call quality of the phone? It's clear?
  8. Ok! I Have a custom ROm: [ROM][iCS-B952]Slim ROM v13 My main problem is that sometimes I don't receive the calls: ex1: A1 is calling me, from what he hears from his phone, my phone is ringing, but on my screen is silence ex2: A2 is calling me and he gets the Voicemail (message box) - i don't know the name in English :) ex3: I'm calling X. I start the call, but it ends in one second without saying anything to me; I try again, same thing; On the 3rd attempt I manage to call that someone. So, what shoul I do? (beside changing my sim card - I did this) 1. Should I factory reset this sucker? 2. Should I put back the official Rom? 3. ????
  9. So, any updates regarding Haier W910 having the 900 frequency for 3g? I received an answer here: (a bad answer :D )
  10. Regarding Haier W910: This becomes realllllly funny. Check this out:
  11. Apparently the phone supports the 900 frequency, based on this 2 topics: One in spanish and the second one in french. :D ( post #1) ( post #7)
  12. Yes, yes, advise him. And man, common, move yourself to Haier and give us a review. :)
  13. Hello! I have a question. In my country, my carrier uses this gsm Frequencies. I would like to buy the Haier W910, buttt the specs of this phone are: 2G: GSM850/900/1800/1900 3G: WCDMA2100 ( Some sites are mentioning 900 at 3G, but mosts don't mention. ) I see 900 at 2g, but I don;t see it at 3G. So, could I have problems using the phone on 3G?
  14. [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Still the most reliable ROM for G300? :D
  15. Ok, 10x a lott. But, I'm waiting your opinions about the phone. :D Probably you need to put a new ROM (fully in English) and after that you should share your experience. :)

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