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  1. CaptainMidnight added a topic in Tesco Hudl 2   

    Can someone please confirm the latest live build number? (as of 21/07/15)
    Hi All
    I've been distracted for a while, as work has been and still is a bit chaotic.  :wacko:
    Can someone please confirm what the latest live hudl2 build is?
    I'm reading various posts about a July update - my units only have 20150529.110309 builds.
    If this July update is available, I would have expected by now an available update via the update checker and a build no. to be along the lines of 201507xx.xxxxxx  
    Any confirmation of this 'July' update would be appreciated.
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  2. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic So who would like to see full windows 8 running on Hudl 2?   

    I'm sorry, but I wasn't holding out for anyone within Tesco to officially assist other than possibly confirm/deny the bootloader status - if you were lucky enough to find the right person who actually knew what they were being asked.
    The hardware is capable of many possibilities ......
    The true possibilities of the hudl2 will eventually be unlocked, but without a current public leak of the Pegatron Corporation / Intel  'provisioning tool' for it's Intel tablets little progress may be possible for some time - without resorting to extreme hacks as have been disclosed by others in this forum.
    As the hudl2 is generally a UK only based tablet, you have to start looking at 'other' compatible / comparable Intel based tablets with a much larger user base and active development community to gain valuable experience and possible avenues to try.
    CAUTION: I've so far 'bricked' 2x units through various experiments in the goal of further understanding. I don't believe these units are 'forever' bricked - just until further hudl2 resources are released (more likely leaked) until then they live no more.  :ninja:  
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  3. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Odd power Problem   

    Is there any more history of what has happened with your hudl prior to this happening ie has it been rooted, you were trying a custom rom, using file explorer etc.
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  4. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New Hudl 2 update June 22nd   

    If you haven't rooted just update.
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  5. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New Hudl 2 update June 22nd   

    Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed, but you seriously have to ask yourself would Tesco ever really be that bothered to alienate so many of it's current / possible future consumers. If that were ever to happen many people would just move on to another tablet.

    At the end of the day, a couple of years life of any tablet unless it is really main stream from one of the big players is more than the small players can hope for. Look at hudl1 it didn't even see out 6x months before Tesco let slip hudl2 was being developed.

    Without a major andriod update to 5+ it's already loosing future sales growth.
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  6. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New Hudl 2 update June 22nd   

    At whatever stage in the future just re-root via the tethered method. The days of requiring pre-rooted images have been minimized now.
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  7. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Stock Rom   

    Not sure I understand where you are at now?
    How far does your hudl2 boot?
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  8. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New Hudl 2 update June 22nd   

    Just accept the update and re-root via the tethered CWM recovery method (if it removes root in the process of applying the update). I can't update yet as I havn't yet received it - probably due to a phased roll out. When I have access to it via the OTA route - i will install it.
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  9. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Stuck on Android logo   

    The latest OTA .zip was uploaded by myself earlier it can be found here.
    It's as per pushed by Tesco and stored on your hudl2 prior to installation.
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  10. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Stuck on Android logo   

    Looks like you're misunderstood my solution - you are not 'manually' doing anything with the standard recovery menu.

    Please try reading post #388 of that pinned forum post (the top one by Paul) and see where that gets you. There's no manual flashing via the stanard recovery you're using the commands on a windows pc etc.

    Please remember to be running the command prompt window as an administrator.
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  11. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Stock Rom   

    Again, as I've explained on another thread - suggest you can reflash one of Paul's rooted system images - this would return the missing Tesco launcher for you, then just reroot if required via the tethered method .......
    Paul's newest dated image on his 1st post does flash over the top of a hudl2 that's already been updated by the latest OTA as I've had to do that myself.
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  12. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Stuck on Android logo   

    Might I suggest having a look at Paul's pinned 'How to root your hudl2' thread i.e. the 1st post.
    All I think you need to do is reflash the system image and take it from there. If you can get into bootloader mode hopefully the fastboot-windows command will work and reflash your system partition. Just use the last dated image Paul has in his post (this can be flashed over the top of a hudl2 that's had the latest OTA update applied - I've had to do that myself).
    If your USB debugging is still enabled, it may be a case with the above possible recovery method of just checking your drivers etc for when the hudl2 is in bootloader mode. It's probably the best chance you have at the moment.
    Good luck  :ninja:
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  13. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Easiest Way to Root Hudl 2 running latest update/software   

    Yes you should be able to do that.
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  14. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Will a factory reset unroot   

    Ok pryddie for info if you were rooted again here's how to do the above: -
    1. Download something like 'android terminal' or 'terminal emulator' from the app store.
    2. Run the program.
    3. Once you are sitting at a prompt it probably ends in $, lets get into root mode: type 'su' and press 'enter'.
    4. Your prompt should now end in #.
    5. Now let's remount the system folder so we can make changes type 'mount -o remount,rw /system /system' and press 'enter'.
    Now we are at the point where we can delete those files so here goes -
    6. Type 'rm /system/app/Superuser.apk' and press 'enter'.
    7. Type 'rm /system/xbin/su' and press 'enter'.
    8. Type 'rm /system/xbin/daemonsu' and press 'enter'.
    After each line is entered (without the ' quotes) you should not see any error but a blank new line. Not sure on the last one (
    At this point, exit the terminal app and reboot your hudl2 - once rebooted, this would be a good point to test Sky and Virginmedia apps, you may even need to delete and re-install them to clear any rooted flags they may set.
    Food for thought. :ninja:
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