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  1. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic How to root your Hudl 2   

    He hasn't that's not currently possible with hudl2, original hudl yes, not hudl2.
    I've already tried many 'internet' available rooting methods and toy'd with some of my own - just hope Tesco release the bootloader flashable current full build image, before they can all hudl2 involvement as without that full build, no one outside of Tesco will be able to recover a hudl2 from a boot-loop / bad flash.
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  2. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic WARNING: Rooted KitKat hudl2 and you've deleted system apps? - what you should already know .....   

    Sorry people, I've had to scale back my involvement with this hudl2 forum as many people who come here asking for help, seem to want immediate specific assistance but fail to want to do any of the ground work in helping themselves with all the information already available within this forum, all it's threads and general background info available to them via Google.
    It's been great and I'll look in from time to time, but other projects have more pressing needs ..........
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  3. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic WARNING: Rooted KitKat hudl2 and you've deleted system apps? - what you should already know .....   

    Yes in a similar situation a while back now, I've had to call on the services of a 7-day turn around Tesco tech support reflash of my unit due to what was possibly a dodgy flash leaving it belly-up with no workable solution without a full factory image restore.
    If Tesco ever released a bootloader full factory image and the associated flashing tool things would be so much easier - I live in hope .....
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  4. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Lollipop update and Factory Reset   

    Yes, anyone who had rooted and changed / deleted system files would have probably suffered OTA integrity check issues when trying to install updates - how they dealt with that situation determined how much pain they endured to be able to successfully install the update to Lollipop - removing root isn't necessary.
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  5. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Any way to turn off encryption?   

    Encryption isn't a mandatory requirement by Google for Lollipop, the device just has to have the ability. The OEM (in this case Tesco) chose to enforce encryption, it had the choice to choose.
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  6. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Hudl 2 refuses to pick up wifi   

    In a word no there isn't.
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  7. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic WARNING: Rooted KitKat hudl2 and you've deleted system apps? - what you should already know .....   

    Unfortunately as you're probably aware there is no current root method for our tablets yet. 
    I have/had a cunning plan of how to obtain root, but involves opening up and "adjusting" the Lollipop system partition found within the 2nd large recent update. For this to work requires working on a Linux machine to adjust the package contents and then adjusting all the scripts and file crc's etc to ensure it'll be good to apply via the default Tesco recovery mode, potentially over the top of an already updated unit, possibly complicated now by added encryption.....
    All the above, if my thinking is sound, requires a lot of spare timetime and testing which unfortunately at the moment I'm really short of.
    I'm sorry I couldn't give you a simpler answer and an immediate solution.
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  8. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic How to root your Hudl 2   

    Please have a look at this thread - it may help you.
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  9. CaptainMidnight added a topic in Tesco Hudl 2   

    WARNING: Rooted KitKat hudl2 and you've deleted system apps? - what you should already know .....
    W A R N I N G :
    Unfortunately when people root their tablet and instead of disabling things, just going that one small step further and on the lines of creating 'more space' start deleting system apps and changing stuff - there's potentially a whole load of pain just waiting round the next corner. On Tesco (and many other manufactures) devices you can't then still expect OTA (over the air) updates to still function correctly without issue. Many manufactures deploy OTA integrity checks which MUST PASS before the update will install correctly. These checks differ dependent on each update and what they have deemed needs to be checked/correct before installation - mainly deployed in an effort to only allow the upgrade from a 'known' build/running base specification.
    In the case of Tesco OTA's - when they fail they'll generally exit gracefully and you can continue using your tablet, although you will probably be reminded their is a new update to install - as it's not successfully installed yet. But not under the following circumstances, this won't be the case: -
    Faced with this situation, the most common next move for people is to 'factory reset' their unit - this serves no purpose real purpose - if you with root privileges deleted / adjusted a system app or config file it's going to stay deleted / adjusted - can people please take note!
    Doing this last 'factory reset' step immediately up's the issue further - following any factory reset, your hudl2 will carryout the 'first time setup' routine, this is meant to configure a 'fresh' tablet with your details, wireless connection, create a Google Play account and finally check for any updates to ensure you're on the latest build - if it finds updates it'll force you to download and install them - causing a repeat update failure on reboot - creating the so-called boot loop!
    There are NO FULL FACTORY images publicly available for the hudl2, just snapshot rooted system partition images as detailed in Paul's first post of his pinned thread.
    E N D  O F  W A R N I N G
    There is a solution to this scenario and the dreaded boot loop. But this exact method isn't set in stone or guaranteed to always work!
    Firstly you have to break out of the boot loop - which means breaking out of the setup routine, you can do this via the following method (rewritten here for completeness, but has already been posted by various forum members): -
    Boot up and select 'Add Network' from the wifi selection screen.Hold down the microphone key on the google keyboard and select the settings icon and select the settings icon.  This will show 'Input Options'.Select 'Google Keyboard Settings'Select 'About Google Keyboard'Select 'Open-source licences'Highlight some text with a long press then select 'WEB SEARCH' from the top rightThis will take you to the Google Now search page and show a not connected error.Type 'Settings' into the search box and select the settings page from the drop down.From here you can enable developer mode, enable adb and fix any changes to the system partition that you might have made.Right so if you have not got to this point, start doing some searching on this forum - the above method or a slight alteration of the above method does work and will enable you to get to position 9.
    As you've reset your tablet step 9 just re-enables adb USB access via developer mode - this is a requirement for the next stage - without this you can't really continue.
    Going back to what I stated before - there are no magic bullet FULL FACTORY images that we can re-flash to make everything better again, but with the limited number of pre-rooted system images we can try to recreate an OTA integrity check 'passable' running system partition.
    The following procedure which you do at your own risk after reading it through completely - isn't a guaranteed solution as I don't know what you've already done to your hudl2 for it to fail OTA integrity checks ...........
    STARTING FROM THE MOST RECENT pre-rooted system image, follow Paul's first post instructions to flash that image onto your hudl2 - when you reboot your tablet and complete the setup routine, the available update will download and attempt to install - it'll either install OK in which case success and move on allowing you to do something else now or it'll fail due to an as yet 'unfixed' OTA integrity check issue. By the way, on the update screen it does give you a clue as to why it's failing.
    If the latest available pre-rooted system image hasn't passed the integrity check, but your tablet is still bootable, then your next course of action would be to flash the 2nd most recent pre-rooted system image and see if that will allow your build to pass the latest update integrity check, etc.If your tablet is now unbootable, you'd have to perform a factory reset vi the recovery menu and go through the above cycle again, but this time with the 2nd most recent pre-rooted system image, etc.Non of the above is guaranteed to achieve a working (OTA integrity check passing system/boot image) build - but it's probably your best chance. There are other avenues to take if you have access to more than one hudl2 (copying partitions from one to the other etc) but I'm not going to detail those hear as it'll only complicate a process that for people faced in this situation could create more harm than good.
    I've used the above methods to overcome OTA integrity check failures after always rooting my KitKat hudl2 builds and adjusting the dpi settings via changing system files - a guaranteed no-no for trouble free future updates.
    (.... you can do extra sneaky and dirty things like changing the OTA update install scripts to disable integrity checks - but in the end, this is only masking the fact that you're system isn't in the correct state for that particular update to install - it's not fixing your system and isn't guaranteed further down the line not to trip you up again...)
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  10. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic Lollipop Update hell   

    So in summary is it currently working or not?
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  11. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic 5.1 updated Lost root   

    No it just means we have to use different techniques / strategies in order to obtain a rooted build. 
    Work in progress .....
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  12. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New update Sept 15   

    Any OTA update and especially this type of update is virtually guaranteed to remove root, as in this case the update is flashing a new system partition. Fairly sure the bootloader has always been locked, just we now also have the complication of encryption to possibly deal with - all or selected partitions I don't know.
    I'd rather have a non-root Lollipop build..... root will happen just not straight away. 
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  13. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New update Sept 15   

    Well what about .......
    One of the reasons for uploading the large Lollipop OTA update was to give 'those with the expertise AND time on their hands' an option to possibly create a pre-rooted Lollipop OTA i.e. add the su binary with permissions etc to the system image before it's installed.
    Yes granted for this method to work, I can foresee you'd have to tinker with the OTA install scripts, checksums, integrity settings, repackaging issues etc but maybe this would deliver a faster Lollipop root method than waiting for Tesco to allow us to unlock the bootloader.
    Just a thought .....
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  14. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic New update Sept 15   

    I've used a SanDisk Ultra 32GB (10)HCI card since day 1 with my hudl2 and have never found any issues with accessing it - my unit is always going into sleep states for long times.
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  15. CaptainMidnight added a post in a topic [Guide] How to backup and successfully restore the system partition.   

    Are we talking of different things?
    All listed commands and output were lifted from a command shell on a Windows 10 Po (x64) build laptop while I wrote the guide.
    As per the guide I posted I used the 'ext2simg' utility from the linked xda site to 'convert' the dd raw output to a sparse image format that is used when restoring. I've not repacked the system image file, I've just changed the format from raw to sparse. 
    If i wanted to 'adjust' the contents within the system image, then yes, I'd ideally revert to making that change via a computer running Linux or booted with a live Linux cd.
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