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  1. CashMoney

    Can I upgrade a hudl to android 4.3 or 4.4?

    Short answer - It won't work. Long answer - Much like a pc, every android device has it's own hardware components (CPU, GPU, Camera, Screen, etc) that make up the system; without the correct drivers, the PC OS won't function. Unlike a PC OS, the android OS has to be compiled with the "drivers" as part of the OS for that device before it can be installed. There are no "generic" drivers that will function on every android device, so no, you can't just install any old rom on the Hudl without it having been specificly compiled with the Hudl in mind. At this time, I believe it's the screen hardware driver or something related that is preventing anyone from compiling a 4.3 or 4.4 rom for the Hudl. Bottom line, you're stuck with 4.2.2. Is you're device rooted? For the situation you're in, perhaps you could install an adblocker app of some kind? Adaway or minminguard via Xposed perhaps?
  2. CashMoney

    Hudl 1.3.1 Update

    Been away for a week, so not had a chance to look at this properly. I've got the update.zip, I've removed the asset checks from the updater script ... but unlike the previous 1.3 update, still no go from CWM. Having seen the result of the 1.3.1 updates Touch Screen Reset on a friends unmodded Hudl, I really want the update. Guess I'll have to find some time to wipe it and start again. Anybody else tried removing the asset check lines from the updater script?
  3. CashMoney

    UK Retail Upgrade on rooted phone

    Just installed Philz Touch Recovery, looks like it's going through now, thanks.
  4. CashMoney

    UK Retail Upgrade on rooted phone

    Rooted with R1 method, and changed recovery to CWM after. Tesco 16gb (unlocked, running a Virgin sim) original rom, OTA update downloads but won't install in CWM; verification error. Upon first reboot, phone reboots into recovery. Wash Rinse Repeat. For anyone stuck doing the same, power off the phone, hold down the Vol down and power up into fastboot mode. Connect the phone to a PC via USB, open a command prompt and navigate to where you have android adb and/or fastboot installed. Then enter - fastboot erase cache That'll clear the downloaded update and stop your phone from rebooting. As for getting the update to install ... no idea yet :) I'm going to try reverting to the original recovery and see if that helps. Edit - No, still won't install via stock recovery. I've also tried editing the updater script in the zip file to remove the checks, but no go
  5. CashMoney

    Car mount, a recommendation

    Yes, GPS will lock faster if used recently. By vertical I mean with the camera at the top, USB to the bottom. It had been a while since I'd used the sat nav but maybe not long enough. I may try it up the other way and see what happens.
  6. CashMoney

    Car mount, a recommendation

    It's interesting actually. I've previously posted about the case interfering with the GPS but either because it's now vertical or I've not given it enough time and I'm wrong, since using the mount I've found the Hudl seems to lock on faster than before.
  7. CashMoney

    Car mount, a recommendation

    One of the reasons I bought a Hudl was for use as a Sat Nav. I do have one of those non sticky (but still feels sticky) rubber mats on the dashboard of my Ford Focus MK3, and whilst this works for a fashion, it does pretty much point the screen up to the sky. The view during the day is therefore nothing but a reflection. It also means the Hudl needs to be on the passenger side in my car. Time for a Car mount, and again, due to the odd shape of the Focus dashboard and the size of the Hudl, I wanted one that doesn't attach to the windscreen. I also hoped for one I wouldn't need to keep removing the Hudl from it's case nor would I need to drill holes or stick things permanently to the dashboard. Found this one on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Multisurface-Car-Dashboard-Desk-Suction-Mount-for-Galaxy-Tab-2-7-Tab-2-7-8-/380724251025?pt=UK_iPad_Tablet_Mounts_Stands_Holders&hash=item58a4ef0991 So far, tried this in my Ford Focus and a Honda Civic and it stays attached to the Dashboard perfectly in both. The suction cup is made from the same stuff as the rubber mat I mentioned earlier, so it sticks to flat but textured surfaces such as a dashboard as well as glass. You push down hard and drop the thumb lever to provide the suction. The mount arm is adjustable and lockable with a thumb screw. Not much to say about that; it works :) The cradle attaches to the arm with a screw in ball joint, so once the tablet is mounted in the cradle you get a good range of movement, much like a monitor arm for a PC screen. The Tablet can be rotated as well as adjusted up and down within the ball joint. The cradle itself will happily take the Hudl, and the Hudl case folds up behind the screen without issue. Once you've set it up once, you can remove the Hudl from the cradle with a level behind it. The lever just allows the bottom of the cradle arms to extend. Not a bad price either (just under £21 delivered when I wrote this). I'm pretty happy with it, happy enough to tell others about it :) I've not tried it, but I would guess it would attach to something like a desk as well assuming it was flat. The product seems to be well made, it's light and a little bit smaller than I expected which isn't a bad thing I don't think. I've honestly got no negative points I can think of. Anyway, just thought I'd share in case anyone else was looking for one. *Note I'm not the seller, nor do I know the seller. So far I've bought two of these at different times for myself and a friend a few weeks back and we are both happy with our purchase. Items arrived in a jiffy bag style envelope, bubble wrapped and both came within a couple of days of ordering.
  8. CashMoney

    Touchscreen Calibration app

    I don't really have any issues with touch, although on the odd occasion a touch won't be registered, forcing me to try 2 or 3 times to get a button/icon to react. My concern with this app is what to do if it makes a mess of things. Is there an easy way to go back?
  9. CashMoney

    Are Hudl's still on show in your Tesco??

    Usual small display still there, but past week they've occasionally had two guys stopping shoppers to show them all about the hurl. Sounds great but usually only about 5 on the shelf behind them to buy. Either there good at their jobs or their job seems a little pointless due to stock levels. There is a Samsung display area further on in the store, but it's not being promoted anywhere near as much as the hudl.
  10. CashMoney

    Sound levels

    I didn't root via Kingo, but have rooted and found the sound via headphones to be the same after and before. That said, I too find it a little low. I do believe that somewhere in the settings (likely under sound) there is an option for safe volume level ... but this is off the top of my head so don't take it as gospel. That said, the afore mentioned setting didn't help me. I also recall seeing in the past, apps in the play store to increase volume levels although I've not tried them as yet. Edit- So nothing under sound settings like that,it was Gravity Box settings. Either way, didn't help me with headphones sound levels. Maybe an app will do it?
  11. CashMoney

    dvd download

    I too would recommend MakeMKV. Handbrake is probably worth a look as well, although I don't recall offhand if it will convert directly from a DVD. If you're looking for something to decrypt the DVD's so they can be read/converted by the system then I'd go with AnyDVD by Slysoft. Also note that converting a DVD to a different format will take different times depending on the CPU speed of the machine doing the conversion and/or the threading capability of the program you are using. An older machine will take longer than a newer machine basically. HTH
  12. Sorry Grumpydev, I read that from an earlier post. If it's not there, guess that's not the issue. Maybe you could try "installing" the update and letting it of course fail? If it's any consolation, I've finally found time to get cwm on my hudl, and I STILL can't update, not with the original file (naturally), my own edited file or either of the two available in this thread. Just an error, but no indication of what the error is, just says error, aborted after the verification part. That said, I've no options in CWM to backup my current install, is that not available for everyone or just me, indicating that perhaps I have a b0rked CWM install? Only options I have are to install zips and reboot. Edit - Yep, redownloaded the CWM recovery, and reflashed it, all working fine now. Now I have to put back everything I removed to try and get this working ....
  13. Use a root explorer and search the root of the internal card. Delete the update.sh script. That should stop the prompts.
  14. CashMoney

    Kitkat (4.4) "Google home" on hudl

    Sorry glossywhite, I'm getting No Such Photos so can't see the pictures. That said, I tried the new launcher a couple of days ago when it first hit the net on the Hudl and while it was nice and quick and easy to use etc ... did the google search bar not overlay your desktop widgets in landscape mode? In my case, when I turn the Hudl to landscape, rather than staying down the right hand side in landscape, the search bar would flip up to the top right as if it was in portrait mode. The rest of the layout was as expected; dock down the left, etc and I assumed this was a logical change for the new launcher but when I added Widgets at the top of the screen, the search bar would overlap them. Portrait, perfectly fine, but not landscape. As I say, I can't see the piccies above, just wondered if anyone else had had this issue with it? I assumed this was just incomplete layout design for tablets that would be updated in the weeks to come.
  15. CashMoney

    1.3 OTA and Hudl Rooted with Kingo

    I rooted via Vroot app, made 1 change to build.prop and replaced the systemui.apk. Having reverted those last 2 changes, I still can't update OTA. Only other "change" I've made is to disable the Tesco apps, not removed just disabled.