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  1. So which kernel is best for this Rom? :huh:
  2. there is an option in gravity box to turn off the softbuttonslight.I was hopping that maybe there is an option in carbon menu or somewhere to turn it off but anyways thanks :) and Great work keep it up ;)
  3. How to turn off softbuttons light ? :( its annoying
  4. Nice ROM :) but can you tell me how to turn off soft buttons light? oh and whenever i uninstall an app it goes on carbon boot logo :o oh and one stupid Question :P is there any way to install cm11 themes in this Rom or maybe change its theme chooser with CM11 Theme chooser. :D LOL XD
  5. OK so after trying almost all the Roms available :lol: :D i think that Gamer Rom v3X 4.1.1, Endora UX 4.2.2,Fluffy Rom CM10 4.1.1 are the Smoothest Fastest and Perfect Roms for Daily use ^_^ :)
  6. Kitkat Rom latest nightly is really fast :)
  7. How to turn off soft buttons light in stock Rom?
  8. have you tried Ceastel Kernal after installing FusionX? Believe me it gets really stable after installing that kernal.no force closing or any lag for me.Everything work's fine.
  9. OMG!! :o HW+ works? Seriously? Hardware acceleration works? even for 720p?
  10. OK! so the Best Rom for Y300 for the time being is FusionX, Get Nova launcher and use cysteal kernel 0.5.7 and Woalla!!! Great performance really smooth and stable.I'm not gonna change my rom till CM11 get stable. :P :D
  11. oh and one more thing,do i have to wipe the previous rom before installing the update.app?
  12. Hi everyone! :) I am using Fusionx and i want to install b199 update.app.can someone tell me how can i install it.i tried flashing the zip with CWM but it didn't work.