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  1. Update: ATTENTION: in Nexus 5 2012 with android 6.0 there is a little lag in proximity detections. This isn't an AirOn problem, but a system problem. Check the assistance menu for more info. - Official support for Android 6 Marshmallow; - Update assistance menu; - Add possibility to turn off the screen covering the sensor for a customizable time. Free version: Key:
  2. Update: added possibility to disable turn off when the device is in landscape. Playstore link: Premium key:
  3. Update: - Add a workaround for show Active display using the proximity sensor in Notorola devices that support this feature; - support for Samsung multiwindow. Playstore link: Premium key:
  4. Update: - Added possibility to disable turn on function; - Added possibility to choose the delay time (from 0 to 10 seconds) in the flip cover mode; - Added 2 new homescreen widgets: switch off, 1x1, click for turn off and area, resizable and configurable 1x1 widget, 2 taps for turn off the screen; - added new assistance menu. Playstore link: Premium key:
  5. Update: - Added possibility to apply a 1 second delay before turn off the screen in flip cover mode, in order to prevent unrequested shutdown. Playstore link: Premium key:
  6. Update: - added support for android 2.3 gingerbread. Playstore link: Premium key:
  7. Update: - exclude apps from turning off the screen; - added changelog; - layout improvements. Playstore link: Premium key:
  8. Update: - Added 1x1 homescreen widget for start/stop the service. Playstore link: Premium key:
  9. Update: - Added possibility to turn off the screen; - Layout improvements; - Bug fixes. Playstore link: Premium key:
  10. Update: - Added flip cover mode; - Added calibration for devices inwich default config doesn't work; - layout improvements. Playstore link: Premium key:
  11. Your phone is on a plane surface and you want to see the time? Bored to search a button for turn on the screen? Do you want to preserve the home key? Try AirOn! Designed in material design, AirOn allow you to turn on the screen using proximity sensor. It usually is on top, above the screen. Usage is really simple: install and start the app, then click on the start button. Now you can also close the app. So, try to cover the proximity sensor, then uncover and cover it again, and the screen will light up! If you want more customization, buy the premium key and unlock these features: - Vibration settings: choose a vibration strenght when turn on the screen with AirOn; - Detection strategy: set the number of detections of the proximity sensor required for turn on the screen; - Speech: activate the time pronunciation when the screen is turned on. Google play link: Premium key:
  12. Update: - Touchless control (for galaxy note with the spen and some other samsung device with finger hovering support, like galaxy s5)! Check the new menu (air options) and enable airview/touchless control. You'll can use some core functionality (like type numbers) without touching the screen; - Dismiss popups with airgestures (on the left/right) if you have air gestures enabled; - Bug fix. Free version: Plus version (with customizable gestures, more widget, more themes and no ads):
  13. Version - Great UI improvements; - Now you can set the keypad numbers dimension to 45 sp (adviced 25); - Click on the numberfield when is empty for paste a previous copied number; - In call suggestions, click on the picture for display the contact preview; - In the contact preview, click on the white titlebar for see the contact detail view; - Bug fix. Free version: Plus version (with customizable gestures, more widget, more themes and no ads):
  14. Version - Added possibility to change numbers size (check the other options); - Improve contacts list and suggestions images; - Added material style for some widgets (requires android 5.0 lollipop or more). Free version: Plus version (with customizable gestures, more widget, more themes and no ads):
  15. Update: Update the contacts list and the log list with a pull gesture; bug fix. Free version: Plus version (more themes, more widgets, customizable gestures and no ads):

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