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  1. Daz is currently looking into the issues. We should have new builds over the next weeks :D
  2. Could be kernel related if mourta hasn't included kexec hardboot patches. Or you haven't flashed multirom on the fresh setup? This are just ideas I haven't looked in your log, so wait until mourta responses.
  3. In General the presets are the settings which are recommended by the developer [emoji6], anything else would be unnecessarily time-eating. Why releasing a kernel and than releasing optimized settings if you're able to include them in compilation?
  4. Because disabling is better in case you want to reenable it in future or give users the choice to activate it by themselves. PS: Nice to see that LP has finally arrived here too, haven't looked at the forum (only chattinged on IRC [emoji14]) for some time
  5. Not his opinion, then opinion of all ROM devs out there. If it would improve anything, theey would include it in the main source [emoji14] Just if you take a look in the mods: HTC.* - want should this effect on an huawei device?
  6. Check your recovery version, worked without any problems for me with latest twrp.
  7. I know, just added the thing about cm12 because it is discussed on every page again... [emoji12] BTW we will never get M-builds or stable, Daz said that often enough [emoji6]
  8. Why are you guys always so obsessed of benchmarking? On our low-price device with an kk version without any current blobs and hardware acceleration you will never see scores you can get on any device it will always differ because of installed apps or number of background apps. If you want to play use aosp mod or cm10.
  9. About cm11 and android5 development: As I have said now enough times: dazzozo is busy and the existing android 5 builds he made for himself are running but aren't as stable as needed for publishing (don't ask for them!). KK development has nearly stopped so far, the builds we get are just builds with the latest cm11 upstream patches merged - everything is done automatically, even the build itself. If there are any news, dazzozo or chil360 will inform you about them, they're both more or less working on android 5.
  10. Shadowghost

    Goodbye Friends

    I'll be here less than over the last months because my dad is using a y300 as well and I need to be up2date, but for myselfe I bought a OPO which will arrive tomorrow :D Will flash AOSP Mod on my own Y300 and use it for camping and bein in nature. As mentioned before by Flea: This forum is slowly dying.
  11. You've done it :D I was wondering how long it will take. [emoji14]
  12. Really? Come on read the thread or even the OT everything was said s thousand times.
  13. Who cares? They have devs with more time or official support. We have unofficial builds and a dev who is at university, so he has less time. Again: Do not complain about it, you can't change anything. Daz is ready with CM12 when he's ready with it. ;)
  14. He's taking too long, really? He's doing it in his free time, so don't complain about not released things. When it's done, it's done.