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  1. @fonz93 hi,first i wona thank you for your hard work,i using your rom on y300 for mounts now,awesome job from you. My question is can i flash your rom on g510-0200?Frend ask me to help him but im not sure if this rom suport just g510-0100 or 0200 as well?
  2. Thanks @chil360,you are the best! Downloading now ^_^
  3. @Chil360 Is there a way to install theme chooser in this ROM? I try to google it but cant found apk or solution,and even extract cm11 on pc to take theme chooser from there and install it to slim but no luck...btw,Im on 5.9 build and everything working great,very fast rom,thanks man for your hard work.
  4. Is 4.4.2 gapps from the first post work in 5.8?
  5. Just flashed this kernel on cm10.1 by Kratos,can i enable zram from perfomance setings? There is 3 options,10%-18%-26%,is it safe to set on 26%?
  6. Will slimkat soon be rebased to 4.4.3 then? :ph34r:
  7. What is the name of the browser?With opera all ok.Are u did dirty or clean flash?I just updated ROM to 5.6 wiped just catche and dalvik,after first boot I got "calendar storage not responding" message,so I reboot,and now its ok,will continue testing ;) Great work so far Chil,tnx
  8. How to make transparent status bar using ADW launcher???
  9. @c3v90 A year from now if you come on this thread you will see the title "[4.4.2] CyanogenMod 11.0 [ROM] [ALL] [NIGHTLY BUILDS AVAILABLE]" Try Slimkat
  10. It works in FusionX :D
  11. Flashed on FusionX,great work,thanks ^_^
  12. Thanks for the tip i will try those roms :)
  13. When i try to download fusionx i get "file does not exist" mesage,is there another link for download?