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  1. Very quiet audio

    I had some cheap TK Max £4.99 headphones and I was surprised at how good the sound was...no problems here.
  2. SD card unmounting

    The card was sub £10 but I have now copied 10gb of music and audio book files onto it which the Hudl reads and then makes disappear again later..
  3. SD card unmounting

    Just a thought, I have formatted the card with Fat32 using Windows and Fat32 formatter so I know this is not the problem, or at least I think not! rayd8or
  4. SD card unmounting

    Hi everyone, Rooted the Hudl no probs following guidance on here but my issue is the SD card. I bought a class 10 32gb card and inserted it, Hudl said 'preparing SD card' and then said 'blank SD card'. I clicked this message and a dialogue came up with Format / Cancel the card. Every time I click Format it closes the dialogue but does nothing. Under settings / storage I can see SD Card Total Space 31.24gb. However on occasions it says 'calculating...'. I connected via USB to a Vista PC and I can see Hudl/Internal Storage/SD Card folder tree. If I try and copy a file or folder to SD Card it says the drive is not connected. I've tried USB debugging mode, installing Hudl as a media device and as a camera, nothing works. Strangely though, I installed Solid Explorer and ES Explorer and I was able to see the /mnt/external sd drive and copy a mtz theme file but nothing else, this threw me completely!! However, every now and then the SD card would seem to unmount and no files were visible. I had to remove it and replace it to mount it again, extremely frustrating. I then removed the SD card and using the SD adapter and a laptop transferred a music folder to it successfully. Card must be OK, right? Card back in the Hudl, the music app sees the music folder correctly. I assume this must be how you have to transfer data which is a right pain. I also tried LAN and ftp but neither would transfer files (they would start and then fail). I play the music file and it plays for about 1 minute or so and then stops and the card has now disappeared and the files are no longer visible. If I remove and then replace the card they show again but the same thing happens when I play the files. I'm assuming the SD card is unmounting regularly as every now and then everything freezes until I remove the card... I have checked this forum and the internet but no solutions except a tenuous one re MTP access and Hudl not supporting USB transfer to SD..seems odd to me. I found this on Tesco's facebook thread re Hudl here https://www.facebook.com/tesco/posts/588612207864581 George Williams Hi Stuart - Good News ! I've got it working. I already had a driver "Android Composite ADB Interface" on my machine, I think it's the Google Driver. So I went to Control Panel, found the Hudl, with no driver installed and then went into "Update Driver", followed by "Browse Computer for files", but then choosing "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". I chose "Android Composite ADB interface". Windows warned me this was risky as the driver is not signed to be compatible with the hudl, but I proceeded anyway, and now the hudl appears in the device list in Eclipse and I have successfully installed and launched an app form Eclipse on the hudl ! October 5 at 2:19pm · 1 George Williams A bit more info. Looks as though the Hudl has to be connected as a camera (as opposed to a media device) as well as having USB debugging enabled. Just tried debugging from Eclipse on the Hudl with breakpoints and it worked ! If I switch the hudl USB connection option to be a media device, then the hudl disappears from the device list in AVD/Eclipse even though the USB driver is installed. October 5 at 2:32pm I did all the Android SDK install to get the Goggle Driver etc but whenever I try to update the drivers it tells me the MTP is the best driver and won't let me change it... Any suggestions would be much appreciated even though I suspect an update to the firmware may fix this if it is in fact an issue and not just me! I have a HTC Desire, rooted and custom Rom'd to Mildwild HTC Sense so I do know a bit about what I'm doing. rayd8or

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