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  1. (I almost forgot to wish you a happy birthday. Thanks again for the fantastic ROM and have a great day, OP!)
  2. What a fantastic rom. I've been using this for days and have not been disappointed thus far.Bravo!
  3. Thanks for the fantastic ROM! Please update it occasionally and re-base it once CM11 is finalized.
  4. The CM10.1 based one cannot play videos properly, so I'm moving on to the stock based Pandora ROM. I'll report back if I encounter any issues.
  5. I still can't believe that only 12-13 people have replied thus far. This is by far the best ROM with the best battery life and speed. To activate swap, you'll need a MicroSD card. Select it in the RamExpander settings and create the swap partition. You should be good to go.
  6. JellyMOD is by far the best ROM out for the Y300 and that's saying a lot. You've managed to mellifluously commingle speed, battery life, and stability into one ROM. Kudos.
  7. Ivan, keep doing your thing, bud. These trolls don't know a helpful person when they see one. Great rom, by the way. Everything works immaculately. With that said, I'd greatly appreciate a "clear all" icon for the recent apps section. Having to swipe them out one by one is arduous.
  8. I'm having a hard time deciding between this ROM and Fusion. By the way, will installing Cexxel's expanded ram kernel improve the performance at all? Thanks for the link by the way.
  9. Silencer96

    [Request] overclock.ko

    +1. An OC kernel is long overdue.
  10. ^With overclocking and ZRam. This would be an end all be all rom if only it had a 1.2 Ghz OC step.
  11. I concur. A 1.2Ghz step would do this kernel justice.
  12. Thanks for the awesome kernel, op! Here are some suggestions: -CM11 support (along w/ ~420mb of RAM). -1.2 Ghz overclocking step (even if it is unstable).
  13. Thanks a ton for the ROM. The only feature it is (arguably) missing is a 1.2GHz overclocking option. Keep up the good work.
  14. Looks like overclocking has been added among a myriad of other notable features. Thanks, OP!