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  1. hi there any news or reward for new year?:d :D
  2. Blue screen

    does any one has g510 0200 stock b190 backup?! i have a custom rom now
  3. Request an official ROM b190.

    anyone have g510 0200 b190 stock rom ? :d
  4. G510 rom

    hi what is the kernel ? and for what we should change the kernel? In what way should change kernel?
  5. huawei g510 or g525 ?

    g525 does not have any custom roms but there are many custom roms for g510 the support of g510 is better than g525 i think it hasn't any difference between these two model both of them are the same(nearly) g525 with quad core cpu and 1gb ram could not open hd videos and i have been heard that it Warm up very soon even in daily use(not hard wok)
  6. here you are this is the log 2013-12-29-21-46-10.txt
  7. huawei g510 or g525 ?

    sorry i did not know the true location of this topic the moderator will move it to the right location but as the g510 have custom roms same as fusion and its performance and speed improved.still g525 is much better ?
  8. huawei g510 or g525 ?

    I have heard a the do not hame any different In practice both of theme are the same
  9. hi there i want to know your opinion about this two phones? which one is better? which one has the better performance and speed? which one is better for multitasking? thank you a lot.
  10. sorry what is logcat?! and how should i use it?! thank you
  11. hi tillaz the problem with viber there is yet in v1 when i install viber my voice in gsm calls did not sent to other line (the other partner can't hear me) does anyone have this problem? can you solve it in next biuld?
  12. thank you i update it tonight and now its very smooth and fantastic but i do not install any app yet if i install apps and it be same as now it is very exellent thank you i update it to v1 tonight i will try and say the result thank you
  13. hi tillaz i did not give any positive from my last test for the best performance i have g510 - 0200 and i have fusion beta 7 on my device it becomes with many lags if i open my recent call or call with any one what should i do? when i set the min performance to 700 it would be better is it harmful for my g510 to set the min performance to 700 or 1008 mhz ? and what is the best performance setting for the best performance without any lag and good for multitasking ? thank you