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  1. Huawei Y300 Gaming

    Try CarbonRom by Luca. It's a JB rom with status bar pull-down feature on full screen apps.
  2. Had tested 0.10 for a day. System is laggy. Didn't encounter black screen bug though. Laggy on games, 8 Ball Pool almost unplayable. And in Twitch, the app closes when the video stream starts. I've tried every quality of the streams. All in all, Beta 0.8 is smoother. The good news is there's no delay in call and I didn't encounter black screen even when the system is loaded. It's just laggy unusable for my daily use so I'm back to latest SlimKat caf.
  3. Well I also thought about that but I know it would disable other more important stuff. So, yes, not really smart idea. It's a no go for me. :D Let's wait for another work around. I'll try figuring it out tomorrow too.
  4. Edit: Now it's getting even weirder. Blinks also in the app drawer whether Strict mode is checked or unchecked.
  5. I see. But it's already unchecked by default. Or do I need to check it to disable? Anyways, I checked then uncheked it for now. I'll tell you if it worked. Thanks.
  6. Using the latest caf build 09/09/15 phone reboots when uploading a file to google drive via es file explorer. Maybe related to other reports about sharing a file also makes reboot. Then there is this weird chrome bug that when pressing some/most links, a red border on the screen blinks. Already reported earlier by another user with previous caf build but still here on the latest. Overall, still nice and smooth experience as previous build. With the deep sleep bug fixed, I'll continue on using this. Thanks again as always to the developers and contributors.
  7. Constant battery drain. Not getting deep sleep with gps wakelock even though I have it turned off in the settings. Edit: Now camera doesn't work even after a reboot. I'll attach a log, if it helps. 2015-09-05-13-00-46.txt
  8. Everything seems good now. Didn't experience any problem at all in a day of use. Standby time could be better but I'm not that worried, as long as it gives me at least 2 hours of screen time. I'll be using 20150901 build as my daily rom and report if something goes wrong. Thank you as always for the continued support.
  9. @chil360 Is chromium also used in game logins or even ads? I just don't want my games suddenly crashing without even making it past the main menu(happens sometimes with the current build), although my only gripe is the browser. I only play 8 ball pool and CoC and I know our device can handle them. Thank you as always. I'll try again your next build.
  10. So the Real Dark Slim is the culprit. I tried that feature during my test run, but I never thought it would cause issues even when turned off. Nice that you found a workaround. Guess I'll try SlimKat again with chil's next build or give the current build another run the next weekend.
  11. I tried latest beta and kernel before I tried your latest SlimKat. I still experienced black screen bug. Also too much reboots. I wiped all, and also my external sd for a clean install but no luck. Hope anyone figures it out. Thanks for all the effort chil. I'll test whatever update you bring. Good luck.
  12. Have tested the latest build for a day. Problems: Browser FC when long pressing (most if not all) image links. Screen hangs then lockscreen shows up and hides in endless loop. Only way to stop is to reboot. This happens when using browser or gaming. Maybe when memory is stressed? Idk. I haven't logcat ever, but if necessary, I'll try next time. Otherwise, ui is quite smooth. I liked the default dpi. I'm really looking forward to upgrade from AOSP mod. Hope this get stable enough for daily use. Thanks for the build. Cheers and keep it up.