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    Huawei G510 - 0200
  1. Is TWRP working on G510 or same black screen?
  2. How about games? Can any post antutu bencmark for 3D performance?
  3. Are this update contains new blobs (adreno drivers ported by chil from Nokia X and LG l7 II)?
  4. I do not understand why rom would not be installed. I tried on all recovery and same results.
  5. Installation in TWRP recovery 2.8 is impossible. By the beginning of the installation, the screen goes black and freezes. I have to remove the battery.
  6. Luca is this rom enough stable for flashing or planning new features?
  7. It's ok to put this drivers (Nokia X libs) on next build. Performance is very good.
  8. Fonz please add soft reboot option. https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common/commit/2223906361731ba619d8866591d3bcb02aafa7cc
  9. Why you changed SIO by default i/o scheduler?
  10. Please update with Kra1o5 build (01.09) changes. Thanks for everything you do.
  11. Best kernel for ROM? Default or synopsis? Btw, this is fenomenal kitkat.
  12. How to make internal sd card for apps and external SD card for each other (games like a real racing 2)?
  13. Antutu score is lowered to the latest versions aplication on our devices about 400-500. Especially in the sections: multitask, runtime, 2D and 3D. Kernel is perfect.
  14. Zram + KSM is far more efficient, swap decreases performance and creates lag. Your kernel and CM 10.1 is the best match so far. I hope that soon a new test version. Thanks Ole, great! Hehehe :ph34r:
  15. Wherever you go, always on CyanogenMod back. :)