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  1. If 5.2 worked perfectly , why bother upgrading to 5.4 ? I'm still using 4.8 and have no problems.
  2. I have a Nexus 7 with kitkat and is 95% the same as with JB...
  3. For me....games run better on kitkat . I play Hay Day a lot and on kitkat it runs smooth on higher resolution than on JB. I don't get why you complaining...
  4. Even with kitkat , your exprience won't be butter smooth , mainly because of the low ram . I'm currently using Slimkat 4.8 and it's fine in terms of stability and performance.
  5. I don't seem to have this bug on slimkat . Maybe it's your cpu governor , I use interactive.
  6. I had 0 random reboots on 4.8 and I play a lot of HayDay :D
  7. Is it worth upgrading to 4.9 ? I'm currently running 4.8 for a couple a days now and everything is fine and dandy.
  8. Well , this is the first time I see wifi first. It used around 30% of my battery over night.
  9. How are the random reboots with this rom ? Are there any ?
  10. Oh please, but please tell us more how that little thing ruins your day.
  11. volume problem y300.

    i use joestones build as a daily driver
  12. volume problem y300.

    Stock roms sound is horrible , try using CM10.1 , the speaker sounds a lot better.
  13. Any smoother than other kitkat roms?
  14. CM10 and CM10.1 are bugfree... and stock roms are laggy since it doesn't have full hwa
  15. Too hard to use a custom rom?