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  1. Great work chil360![emoji106]
  2. And I had a black screen when the phone was awakened by a call. I couldn't answer it and after a while I pulled the battery and the call wasn't in the call record so I had to guess who called me.
  3. I had many black screens today, and I did a clean install but the GPS was still not working. I installed slimlp and now it's running fine.
  4. I have another problem, the gps is not working and it's not detected with gps test or aby other maps app. When i click the gps tile it dosnt change and enabling it from settings doesn't help. Ps: it wasn't working in the old version either.
  5. The new version is smoother and it gives a lot more free ram. But i got a blach screen today.
  6. This lp version is the smothest of all the roms I've tested. Great work Srfarias!
  7. Go to settings>performance>processor
  8. Yes before that i was having black screens daily. And two days ago i tried ondemand governor and got a black screen few hours later.
  9. I get 24h with 3h of screen on time.
  10. For me Smartmax did the trick, no black screens for more than 3 weeks.
  11. Hi there, I started using smartmax governor more than a week ago, and since then no black screens. Can you test and see if it works for you.. (Before that i was getting at least one black screen a day)
  12. Nuevo creador

    Si quieres continuar con el desarollo de la CM eso es geneial, la rom es bastante fonccional
  13. Nuevo creador

    Welcome! For now we have a big problem with black screen in all lolipop roms, if you can help solving that it would be great.
  14. @Fonz93 I had a black screen last night, pulled the battery and restarted the phone, after the long reoptimisation I discovered that more than half of my apps have lost their data and settings. Is there any explanation for this bug? It's the same that happened to me with CM12