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  1. Resolve poor GPS issues on your MediaTek phone

    ok, sorry.. missed it in the post... tried that now, with and without antenna mod, and still no GPS. My phone geta no signal at all from any satellites and since sending it back to Hong Kong would cost more than the phone is worth, I think I give up. Thanks for all the suggestions in everyone's posts. I think if you buy one of these bargain phones, you just have to accept some things won't work. My last mt6570 phone had great gps but terrible wifi!
  2. Resolve poor GPS issues on your MediaTek phone

    Hi. How do I edit the build.prop file? Thanks.
  3. GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    I have an iOcean X7 Youth Turbo, nothing on any of these posts works. MobileUncle will get a fix once, but then no other app can. Basically, this phone has no gps. Bluetooth gps is the way to go I think.
  4. Resolve poor GPS issues on your MediaTek phone

    Hi, sorry for bad news, but on my iocean x7 youth turbo (name makes me lol every time), this method makes no difference. I also tried all of the antenna mods. Nothing works. No gps at all. If you have this phone, just accept that there is no usable gps. Annoying I know. T.