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  1. No. I have tried building with Snap camera and it works ok for taking photos but fails when trying to record video. It crashes out then you get the 'can't connect to camera' message. I'm going to experiment with it some more this week to see if I can get it working.
  2. The permissions system in Marshmallow has changed significantly. The apps that fail probably need updating to work properly with the new Marshmallow APIs.
  3. True, but if I start customizng the rom people could complain that they use something that I have removed or demand their preferred alternatives to any apps that I add. It's better to keep it stock CM and use file-based rom zips so people can customize it themselves if they wish to.
  4. I just created and tested a modified Y300 rom and it installed fine. What was the error message? Did you wipe before installing? Alternatively, you can install the unmodified rom zip and use OpenGapps to uninstall the parts of CM that you don't want. See this page about using a gapps-config.txt file to specify applications to remove during install.
  5. You can easily customize the rom zip to remove some stuff to give you more space to install GApps. Just extract the rom zip, delete the unwanted files and rezip. When you install the modified zip, make sure to disable signature verification or it won't install. I would suggest removing CMWallpapers and the live wallpapers by deleting the following folders. This should free about 13mb.   system/app/CMWallpapers system/app/Galaxy4 system/app/HoloSpiralWallpaper system/app/LiveWallpapers system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker system/app/NoiseField system/app/PhaseBeam system/app/PhotoTable  
  6. @pashapuma Is there any way you can find out what he has changed to make these fixes so I can add them to my builds? I can't find any sources for his changes and I don't speak Russian to be able to ask for them. For the sd card as main memory, I think he has just switched the fstab entries rather than fixing the adoptable storage.
  7. Thanks. It looks like the latest security patches backported to kitkat. I'll update all of my sources and make a SlimKat-CAF build. Update: SlimKat 9.1 CAF builds uploaded.
  8. It's coming! I tried to upload it yesterday but there must have been a problem at basketbuild as the upload speed was incredibly slow and kept timing out. It's ok this morning though and I've nearly finished uploading - about 15mins left. Again this week it's just a rebuild with the latest CM sources. Now that Christmas is over I should have more time to work on the rom.
  9. With Christmas coming up, I haven't had much time to work on the rom so this week it's just a rebuild with the latest CM sources plus a few minor kernel commits.
  10. Why?? We don't have Prima WLAN hardware. Our wifi chip is Atheros AR6003 using the ath6kl kernel module.
  11. @Alias Read the first post  
  12. The next build should improve battery life. As, @Folini noticed, ksmd can eat cpu time therefore draining the battery and hurting performance. I have now tuned the KSM config to stop this from happening. Updates: I am going to start doing weekly updates on Sundays starting today. Downloads should be available late on Sunday evenings. Please wait until the date in the topic has been updated before downloading - this ensures that the file you download will be complete and not a partial file that I am still uploading.
  13. @Nemesix2 It's normal to see the "detected filesystem ext4 for /dev/block/mmcblk0p17" messages. In my last build I switched from block-based (system image) to file-based install zips. This allows for easy customization of the zip files but takes longer to install. Just be patient - the install will complete.
  14. To fix AOSP keyboard with opengapps pico remove the file: /system/lib/
  15. I have just uploaded a new build including a version for G330 (U8825). I don't own a G330 so this rom is completely untested. It is also bigger than previous roms so it may not even install due to limited size of the system partition on this device. If there's anyone willing to test it, please let me know how you get on. The roms built today have been built in file mode (rather than block based mode) so the rom zip files can easily be customized e.g. to remove some apps for testing on G330 if it doesn't install.

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