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  1. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    Try this... enable mobile data, turn on aeroplane mode, wait a few seconds then turn off aeroplane mode.
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  2. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    CM13 has root built in - you don't need to install SuperSU.
    Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap the build number 7 times to enable the Developer Options. Then go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Root Access and enable.
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  3. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    For now it will be when I fix something or start testing builds for the other devices. Once it settles down, I will probably do weekly builds.
    I'm just testing a build now with working Internal SD as primary and External SD as adoptable. Hopefully better battery life too. So I will probably upload a new build over the weekend.
    I don't know if the black screen bug is still present. I haven't seen it so far but then I haven't really pushed the phone to the point where black screens usually happen.
    Camera is still dark.
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  4. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    You need to install opengapps at the same time as the rom or it crashes as you have found.
    Reboot to recovery and do a factory reset then install opengapps and reboot.
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  5. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    Thanks luca, I will experiment with that patch tomorrow.
    Hardware video acceleration relies on proprietary OMX libraries which were built for Jellybean. With all of the changes in newer android releases and having to move to display-caf for LP/M it is highly unlikely that hardware acceleration could ever be made to work.
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  6. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    Y300 roms usually work ok on G510 as there is very little difference between the two devices. A few things may not work and it will identify the device as a Y300 but nothing major.
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  7. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    If there's no External SD card it should fall back to emulating primary storage in /data.
    I have tested with OpenGapps ARM/6.0 which works ok. I use the smallest possible gapps (pico) as gapps slows the rom considerably.
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  8. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]   

    Initial build for G510Add support for the Internal SD storage and set as primary. External SD is now configured as adoptable.Revert to KSM (instead of UltraKSM) and change the default I/O scheduler back to deadline (from bfq) - this improves battery life.Device updates to help performance.18/11/2015
    Initial build for Y300
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  9. chil360 added a topic in Huawei Ascend G510 Development   

    [ROM][6.0][Y300/G510] CyanogenMod 13 [23/11/2015]

    CyanogenMod 13
    Unofficial builds for Huawei Y300
    Disclaimer: CyanogenMod and I are not responsible for any damages to your device.
    As this is an early development build, I am only building for the Y300 for now. Builds for G510/G330 should follow eventually.
    It is also largely untested so use at your own risk!

        Basketbuild -
        I would recommend Opengapps (ARM/6.0) Pico but any GApps for Masrhmallow should work. Using GApps slows the phone considerably so I would advise using minimal GApps editions.
        With Opengapps, it must be installed at the same time as the rom. Installing at a later time causes FC's when the phone is rebooted. 
    Current Status:
    Working so far:
        It boots successfully, display works, touchscreen & buttons all work ok
        Video playback (software decoding)
        Internal & External SD Card - Internal set as primary storage, External is adoptable.
        Phone/Data - Needs testing! Rild & libril now built from source using custom libril based on CM13 hardware/ril-caf with a commit from LegacyHuawei.
    Not Working:
        Video playback (hardware decoding)
        FM Radio
    Comments/Known Issues:
    When configuring wifi during the setup wizard, wifi connects to the access point but sometimes doesn't make an internet connection. Skip through the setup wizard, go to Settings -> Wifi, turn off wifi, turn it back on and it will connect successfully.
    Mobile Data:
    If mobile does not connect when enabled, turn on aeroplane mode, wait a few seconds then turn off aeroplane mode. When the phone reconnects to the network it should also successfully connect the mobile data. Now that the initial connection has been made, you should be able to disable and enable mobile data as required and it will connect.
        CyanogenMod -
        Device Tree -
        Kernel -
        ... and many more contributors!
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  10. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    Are you syncing the correct kernel? Should be the mm6.0 branch of SlimLP-Y300/chil360-kernel.
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  11. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    @Nagato Uzumaki
    The current SlimLP is still beta, there will eventually be a final build before they fully switch to M. I don't know how many more builds there will be before the final.
    For M, I have published my current CM13 sources at If you want to get involved and help, the current status and build instructions can been seen here - if you make any progress please push any changes back to my repos in pull requests.
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  12. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    @Mr Voland
    I'm already working on M for Y300. As CyanogenMod are usually first at getting builds going for new releases, I'm working on CM13. Going well so far - hope to have some news soon!
    For KitKat, Slim stopped working on kitkat a long time ago so any updates now are any device fixes to make current builds better. If I find anything to fix current issues I will make new builds.
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  13. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    Thanks @Runjaun. It's too late to update the kernel for the next build as I'm uploading it now - SlimLP Beta 0.10.
    I will update the OP when when the upload is complete in about an half an hour.
    I only build updates when Slim create a new version - Beta 0.10 was tagged last night so I built it today. There won't be many more builds of SlimLP as they are now starting to focus on Marshmallow.
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  14. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.0 UNOFFICIAL [25/09/2015]   

    Double post again!
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  15. chil360 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.0 UNOFFICIAL [25/09/2015]   

    I haven't pushed that change to my kernel repo yet. At the time, I made that change as a test but I will be adding that and other changes(.108, LMK, Intelliplug) to my repo once I have a little more time to test. I posted a kernel zip for slimlp with all of these changes to see if it fixes the black screen and I'm waiting for little more feedback - so far very positive.
    In the meantime, if you want to make the surfaceflinger change, open arch/arm/mach-msm/board-msm7x27a.c and change line 265
    #define MSM_RESERVE_MDP_SIZE 0x2300000
    #define MSM_RESERVE_MDP_SIZE 0x2B00000
    Update: SlimLP 0.7 has just been tagged so I've pushed these kernel changes to github to be included in the build. I will do a SlimKat CAF build soon too with this updated kernel.
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