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  1. currently using 31st dec nightly, far better than previous nightlies. would like to know if there are any newer nightlies which are more stable?
  2. install fulll package of google stock package GApps.... had to install this version (with full google apps) to get my camera apps to work perfectly http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942
  3. just to share with you guys. using 25th nightly, my battery lasted for 2 days :D
  4. could someone answer this question? keep getting error that says insufficient storage space when i install/update apps. but it is clearly shown that my internal card has only been used up to 80mb+- since i wipe the entire internal memory before installing new nightlies..
  5. just updated to 25th nightly. before the update, was using the 19th. on this 25th december nightly, i found out that the screen/images are more contrasted in colour which to me is really nice. when someone calls me, there is like 2 layers of 1.option whether to answer or not the call 2.during the call layer. donno if this bug has occured in the prvious nightlies though...
  6. am a newbie in this rooting things and upgrading things, but as a newbie i could see a vast improvement in speed when comparing CM11 and earlier versions. the only problems that has occured me since my first CM installation (CM10.1) is that the DSP Manager keeps on not responding whenever i open a music player and it happened once since i installed CM11. on CM11 i found that browser is slow (19th december update)... still exploring though
  7. at last! finally getting the 4.4.2! nightly 19th december and am exploring the new kitkat! thanks dazzozo
  8. thank you, will try. but atm am still newbie here, so i need to explore more on what adb is
  9. a newbie here. have been installing cm10.1 and cm10.2 with no prob on v5 twrp... and i heard news saying an update to the latest version of twrp is a necessary for me to upgrade to cm11. right? the problem is, is there any possiblity that i can flash the latest twrp using the v5 twrp in recovery rather than fast boot? as my volume down button is malfunctioning due to excess fast booting a few month ago lol
  10. am using TWRP for flashing cause I heard CWM is not touchscreen based and my volume down button is problematic and cant be used. thus have been using TWRP for flashing CM10.2 and all.... but after this CM11 nightlies have been published for public, keep on failing to flash properly. any help? is CM11 isnt supported at all with TWRP? thank you
  11. hi guys, would like to know the latest news on CM11... i dont really understand about their latest post http://www.cyanogenmod.org/blog/cm-11-0-m1-nexus-edition is the nightlies just for nexus or available to us, y300 users? ty
  12. my DSP manager keeps on not responding and rebooting of phone keeps on happening.. have been testing out all the nightlies... and all give the same outcomes... may i know why? tq
  13. newbie here. just wanted to report something... donno if its my button down speaker problem or the ROM... but cant seem to get it working... other than that...perfect [from a newbie's perspective] ROM... there was a few all-of-a-sudden reboot sometimes.... anyone can help me with the button down speaker problem? theres no response whenever i pressed it