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  1. bump my other devices have no problems charging with these methods
  2. This phone seems to be very picky about chargers. Some will only charge when the phone is powered off, and some not at all. What is going on?? Chargers that work: - Computer USB port - Car stereo USB port - HTC Will charge if I power off the phone: Blackberry (500mA) Sony digital camera (500mA) Won't charge at all: - iPhone (white cube) - 4 different car cigarette lighter chargers, including one rapid charger designed for any (including Samsung) phones (3A) The only ones I have at home that work are the blackberry and Sony, and they charge too slowly (500mA). Sometimes, the phone display will show that it's charging, but it just slowly dies. I don't know what this phone wants. Any ideas?
  3. I understand that dark wallpapers save energy. I just don't like how it looks. I also don't like having only chinese ringtones. I also don't like the advertisements in some apps. You say the ROM has only basics, but there's so much garbage. So many apps that do the same thing. 2 settings, 2 phone apps, several browsers etc etc. I tried everything. It was solidly bricked. Now Android doesn't work at all. The phone just freezes on this screen and gets very hot ... I think I will wait for the next version, because this beta is not ready for use.
  4. I used minitool to "rebuild MBR" on the SD card, but I'm still getting the damaged card error. Windows disk check didn't find any errors either. Can you please give a link to the "disk doctor" you mentioned?
  5. best Android package?

    Some questions about Twister ... Instructions are for phones with 2GB or 8GB. I think my phone says it has 16GB of internal memory. Should I do anything differently? Also, does Twister overwrite Windows? What do I do if something goes wrong, or I want to put Windows back on?
  6. OK, finally I made it work. I installed a fresh trial copy of Image for Windows from the website (2.8.3). For some reason it worked on my friend's computer, but not mine. The only difference was running 64-bit version. There was one extra option screen which isn't mentioned in the instructions: I just left the default options. Step #16 says "reopen minitool an if after ext4 partition " but I didn't see a EXT4 partition, only EXT3. So I went back to step 6, re-partitioned the SD card and made sure I formatted it as EXT4. I flashed the ROM image again, and then ran the partition wizard, but the linux partition was EXT3 again. So I guess step 6 is a mistake and you should make it EXT3 instead of EXT4. Step 16 is also a mistake, and you should check the EXT3 partion. The rest was OK. I find the white flashing screen on boot extremely annoying, and I don't particularly like the Chinese splash screen, but I am happy to have Android. Now I just have to fix the "Damaged SD card" problem, and change the ugly wallpaper. Hopefully there are also some widgets for appointments and message. Also, the phone froze while the display went to sleep. I had to pull out the battery and reboot. Cheers, and thanks for the support.
  7. Yes, I set my date to Sept 10, 2011. I tried 'imagerecover.exe' from your v4, v3, v2 and v1. All same result. EDIT: I just tried the same thing on my friend's computer. Still no change. There were other people in this thread who reported the same problem as me: blue blast, mairu, SPL1, chonazo, srdannyr 2 more in the XDA forum. I wonder if they found a solution?
  8. I just tried the image tool from v3... same result.
  9. j/k ;) = I was being sarcastic/joking with you. I don't judge you and I'm still very positive about this. Just a bit frustrated :) I am actually very glad that other people have decided to support these old phones because I have no need for the newest $400 gadgets. And I am not savvy enough to create these myself. I would really like to try this ROM but I just can't make it work. Please, I've followed all your instructions. I've messed around with the date on my computer... sept 2010 and 2011. Changed it before opening the program, changed it after, and still I get the same message. I know I'm not the only one with this problem, because several others have posted the same thing in this forum, and xda as well. But I have not seen any good solutions. I'm just trying to provide some useful feedback, that this image software is not so newbie friendly. Maybe I should try the v3 for now, but is it possible to retain all my setting and upgrade to v4? Thanks for your time.
  10. Hi. I'm unable to open the ROM image. I have followed all the instructions exactly. I have also read through this whole thread, and tried all the suggestions. Can you please create the image using free software like imgburn, 7-zip or something? Maybe you are trying to sell this program? j/k ;)
  11. best Android package?

    Why someone choose commercial software to make an image, when there is free software available is absolutely beyond me! At least o2droid had an automated installer. Hang it, I'll just try Twister instead.
  12. best Android package?

    OK I tried to install CM6NEW, but when when I select the TBI ROM file with the included image tool, it says "The image file requires an updated version of this program." What do I do? EDIT: I've tried 3 more versions, and they all say the trial period has ended. What a pain in the butt.
  13. Hey guys. I just got an Omnia II, and I want to put Android on it. I want to know how they compare, and which release you think is the best. These are the ones I'm aware of: Hungarian O2Droid project (Beta2) http://o2droid.phj.hu/ Frenkiedroid (8.1) CM6New by Almar & others (v4) Froyo bundle by ritchietos (v2) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1066313 Twister 2 Gingerbread CM7 (Alpha2) The obvious important things to me are stability, functionality, battery life, performance, and future compatibility. Any insights on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!