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  1. Dezza77 added a post in a topic 09/Feb r8 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Advent Vega with Online Kitchen   

    I can't get Wi-Fi working after installing the r8 MoDaCo custom rom, I have tried erasing all my settings then installing but still no Wi-Fi. It just keeps coming back with error when I try to select it. I used the ClockworkMod recovery method from my SD card to install it, as it would not find the device from my PC.
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  2. Dezza77 added a post in a topic Firmware update 1.10 for the Advent Vega currently uploading!   

    Carl, I have an Advent Vega which I have updated with the r8-vega-update-modacocustom-unsigned, but I can't get Wi-Fi to work. I want to go back to v1.10 image. I have the download but when I try and install it from my PC the following error appears :- Nvflash started USB device not foundPress enter to continue:
    I also get a warning from Mcafee that a Trojan has been Quarantined, which I guess is from the .exe file that I am trying to run the update from 
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  3. Dezza77 added a topic in Absolute Beginners   

    Advent Vega updated with R8 Modacocustomrom no Wi-Fi
    I have updated my Advent Vega tablet with the r8-vega-update-modacocustomtom-unsigned, and everything works fine apart from the Wi-Fi whatever I try it just comes back with an error. I tried erasing all content & settings (under the software tool) but still nothing. Bluetooth works Ok but no Wi-Fi, just an immediate error every time I select the Wi-Fi. Not sure if Airplane Mode was there before, but also tried turning that on and off, still nothing. I have a little knowledge of windows but not a lot of Android system knowledge.
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