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  1. well , it is not good for you I think. it doesnt have notificationbatbar and some other bugs but it is the best rom for games
  2. Forexample Asphalt8 crashed on stock based roms and stock rom but in emotionUI it ran without any problems
  3. Hi I tried emotion UI 1.6 and I installed some games on it and it runs them easily link: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=705887 Now my question is: Can I use it files in other rom ? (files that related to run games)
  4. May he fix this bug or not? I am using fusionX now and It is bad problem.
  5. [Requesting] Android 4.4 Kitkat

    Cyanogenmod 11 for G510 & Y300 :D One day I see it
  6. WoW B8 is good Surprise thanks a lot
  7. +1 please answer to him. I had this problem...
  8. Y300 UPDATE B197

    Have any body G510-0200 middle esat (B193)?
  9. Have any body G510 new update dload file?
  10. can not get ota updates

    Now , I am sure that one of my friends can get ota update in cm10.2 and he has Y300... which files are a bout ota updates in system? May I saw theme with root explorer?
  11. can not get ota updates

    doesnt work :( In cm10.1 I can see updates and can not get it but in cm10.2 I cannot see and get it (both of them)
  12. can not get ota updates

    I saw updates but I couldn't get updates. (in cm10.1) My recovery is TWRP official... Well , I don't thinks so. I think it is not for my location.. One of my friends have Y300. He can get updates easily.. For assurance , I used psiphon3 , again I didnt get result
  13. can not get ota updates

    It does not work :(