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  1. hello So, i've done all the steps fron this tutorial: Download TPT option you want Unzip the zip where you want and you'll have a folder named image with two files inside Copy this folder and paste it in the root of the SD card mobile. If your SD is in "E: \", the folder path is: "E: \ image" With mobile completely off and fully loaded, press [VOL +] + [KEY MENU] + [ON] You will be repartitioned the internal phone memory, and have CWM Recovery in version Start the recovery and install the ROM you want, for example, this: > LINK < After installing the ROM, you can delete the folder image to avoid having future problems without wanting to give that combination of buttons that you delete everything. , and all good, the ROM gives me the "instalation complete" message, and then i go and reboot ny phone. After that, the screen freezes with the green android logo, and tha's that. I tried different ROM's of different sizes (bigger than 100 mb ). what can i do?????