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  1. Must resist the temptation... lol cheers, forgot about ad away, rookie mistake, that will stop my over subscribing to erectile dysfunction aids much to the wifes displeasure ;-) Back to topic, will try that camera tomorrow hopefully will take away the lag from the shutter speed. Thanks
  2. I know someone posted the link to the stock camera before but I can't download due to the blooming adverts on that link, and the stock app list link has adverts embedded in the apk... So if anyone can post a new link it would be muchos appreciated as 5 seconds to take a picture from press is a wee bit slow like. Cheers once more.
  3. Thanks for the quick response :)
  4. hippychops

    Stock apps/Mods for the G300!

    The camera stock isn't stock. Slightly different and with adverts.... (the. Apk one).
  5. First off cracking work on this rom :) I'm a wee bit of a noob (this my first custom rom) and wondering how to get the screenshot button back onto my dropbar if this is possible? Or can anyone reccomend an .apk that will do the job? Cheers folks.