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  1. not working...i think its somekind of hardware problem...
  2. thank you i will try that right now. By flashing any rom i want you meant to download(for example skatie rom) and to extract it to sd card and vol+menu+start ?
  3. i can tell u how it looks like: when i unlock phone, return back button is flashing red, ringer volume appears and it wont go away, some apps are running and i am trying to close them with the back button but they start as soon as i close them(for example, widget menu on the home screen, or when i somehow try to get into menu, calendar starts to run over and over again), you simply cant use the phone for anything
  4. its my sister phone and i am trying to fix it, i dont know if it dropped her, ill ask....she just showed me that the phone is not working so i assumed that ppl here have the same problem...maybe its hardware...
  5. anyone? i also tried cwm but the problem persist! everytime is the same...i dont understand why it wont fix :/
  6. did i mention that i can't do anything from the phone itself? it is unusable
  7. how do i reboot into CWM with skatie ROM ?
  8. i dont think i understand. please no shortcuts because i dont know what is cwm, and can i do that from pc? because i cant use phone
  9. flashed the phone twice, first with ZTE unbranded then with skatie custom rom....and touch screen still doesnt work...icons flash like im touching them and phone is unusable...any idea why?and how to fix that? thank you

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