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  1. Thank you so much man :) problem fixed :)
  2. How can i install the latest update.app with a custom bootloader? Fonz93
  3. no... it says unknown... to fonz93
  4. Hi guys thanks for the answers but the baseband didn't solve my problem ... my phone still doesn't read any sim ... any hints?
  5. hello guys ... i'm struggling to find a link for the european baseband for y300 but the only one i found is on mega that's actually banned in italy ... can you help me to find a good link for the eu baseband y300? please! sorry for the ot but my phone doesn't read any sim!
  6. i resolved with the universal vendor thanks anyway
  7. hello guys ... i've been trying to set the apn on my phone (even with italian apn the app) but there's no way getting it to work ... can you help me? please
  8. can someone help me with this?: my phone displays a wrong provider name and i don't know how to make it display the right one ... can you help me? if there's something to flash can you please link it? thank you in advance =)
  9. ceastel thank you for the extra ram ... i'm using 0.55 420MB stock and it's great ... but there are problems with youtube in fact not all the videos will play ... can you fix that? it would be great! ... really thank you =)
  10. can you tell me where i can found it? thank you =)
  11. ok i found the zip to flash to set micro sd as primary ... so i guess it is the best solution ... anyway if there's a solutionf for wifi and provider name any help is good ;)
  12. hello guys ... this rom is great but as someone else mentioned before there's a problem with wifi ... in fact when rebooting it can't reconnect itself but it needs me to turn off wifi 2 times to reconnect ... my provider name is not exactly the one it shows ... and please help me get my phone saving pictures in the microsd ... the camera app doesn't allow me to change file location even if there's this option ... does anyone know how to download huge games into micro sd? i mean games of over 1gb data can't be stored in the internal and i wanna know if there's a solution to download them to the microsd ... or at least tell me how to set the external sd as primary ... even if i would prefer to use that just to storage and huge games