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  1. Guys, have you tried to undervolt your phone? I used trickster mod and kernel tweaker but it doesn't work.. when i will try to apply the undervolt settings it will go back to normal (my kernel is ceastel and it supports undervolting) what do i miss? "CM 10.1 user"
  2. Will the :"USB OTG" feature  will work in a normal usb otg cable?
  3. USB OTG? does anyone tried it?
  4. what is "ART"?  sorry for the question :)
  5. i thinks there is a bug in hybrid settings of this rom.. well except from that, this is a great rom! thanks!
  6. i already do that.. sir can u give the link of the exact driver you installed?
  7. help.. i got chineese error..  after i pick jpg image..
  8. how to install adb??  help.. [newbie]
  9. sir kra1o5.. this cm has a poor wifi connection.. hmmm i'm the only who is experiencing this?
  10. Hello Guys!  :D Is these themes [   http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1801752   ] will work on cm 10.2 by dazzozo? 
  11. sorry i forgot to add cm ^_^ [cm 10.2 is already added]
  12. Hello guys, i am newbie here :P   Voting is appreciated.. Thank you! :D

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