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  1. No, it's temporarily disable due to code bugs
  2. When happen to me the blackscreen bug, I first tried to force to do something (press home, volume + and -, etc) but nothing happened, then I blocked the phone and a little while later all returns. In any case I had to restart or remove the battery. The bug of deep sleep that someone says happened to me yesterday, but I think that was solved by restarting
  3. "Blackscreen bug" happened to me only a few times when it seemed that for some reason the phone will not surrender to load something (not sure if you mean this). But leaving the mobile few seconds or minutes, the mobile turns itself.
  4. This Rom works incredibly well even being such a "premature" version. PS: I don't know if it is placebo effect but when I set the dpi to 218 (in my G510) everything seems to work better
  5. How wifi works? I've been offline these days...
  6. Well... But if you need a tester, here I am
  7. Is there a way in which we can help you fix the wifi bug? I'll flash the rom now
  8. xSergioHp.

    [Request] Resurrection Remix Rom

    I like so much that "for now"
  9. xSergioHp.

    Opinions about this phone (BQ E5 4G)

    Wait for May, Bq Aquaris M5 with Snapdragon 615, full hd, lollipop...
  10. In G510, NFC Service get always FC, Rom unusable because of it
  11. Right now what works best, CM11 or Slimkat?
  12. AOSP MOD by H3ROS so far
  13. I've tried installing the Rom again just in case downloading the Rom again a couple of hours ago and I installed and works perfectly, even restarting, it did not happen. Now I do not understand anything.
  14. How I can know? I don't understand this part..