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  1. Later model Hudls?

    Hi, I finally took my original Hudl back to Tesco for a replacement. The screen issue was too much to deal with finally. Have to say they were great all the way from 'Ken' at Tech Support to the staff at my local superstore. So I now have a rinky-dink new tablet which appears to NOT have any screen issues. I also noticed that the power and volume buttons are slightly bigger and stand proud of the frame (which they didn't on my original). So it seems that there are revised models. The model number is the same in the 'About this tablet' screen but I wondered if anyone else had a newer version and whether they encountered any screen issues? So far so good though :)
  2. Regularly powering off

    Hello there. I'm semi-regular reader of the forum. I wonder if anyone may have some advice on a problem that has recently started happening on my rooted Hudl? Basically the damn thing keeps powering off for not apparent reason. It doesn't do it all the time but often enough to be very annoying. It means I have reboot several times a day. As I said it's only recently started to become a real problem. I'm using Xposed with Xblast and GravityBox and so wondered if any of the mods might be interferring. My other theory is that it's something to do with the govenor possibly? It's set to cfq and ondemand. The CPU is at max 1416Mhz and min 504Mhz. Other than my two wobbly ideas about the cause the only other thing I can think of is a HW problem. All advice gratefully received. Cheers.
  3. Touchscreen Calibration app

    Hi, haven't been here for a while but my Hudl was one of the 'dodgy' ones with screen issues. I've been getting phantom key strokes etc which has been a real pain. I was debating whether to send it back but the prospect of re-installing stock was causing me to procrastinate. I use my tab for a lot of comic reading using Perfect Viewer and was experience continual phantom key strokes which would knock the current file on a page or call up the settings etc (all very annoying). Of course quick press of the power button would resolve the problem but only for a few minutes. so, I thought I'd do some trawling to see if there was any possibility of fixing the issue through a software fix. I've seen some discussion of tweaking the build.prop etc but I chanced up on this thread on XDA and decided to give the apk a go. It's still early days but so far (touch wood) I haven't experienced any issues. I'd be very interested to hear of anyone else's experiences trying this little calibration app. I'll also come back and update the post if it hasn't worked (I'm expecting it not to just because so much of the evidence suggests a deeper lying reason for the issues). I'm hoping that a KitKat firmware update might resolve the problem but obviously we don't have any firm date for that as yet Still, as long as it's not harmful I think it's worth exploring every option. Kind regards, - Virgopunk
  4. I've heard it said that the Hudl is quite similar (from a component pov) to the Nexus 7 (even down to the screen problems!). Is it conceivable that there could be some bleed over from a ROM dev perspective? I know I'm probably being a wonk but I just wondered whether some of the work done on improving the Nexus 7's screen would work for the Hudl.
  5. Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    I've had a couple of instances of what I assume is the touchscreen bug. Phantom keystrokes etc. What I found interesting was that they only started when I was using the hudl outside (waiting for the bus) in cold weather. As soon as the pad was indoors the problem ceased. If I find it happening again I'll have to return to stock and return it but it seems that if its a temp issue it suggest that the screens have gone through a poor quality check. If I conrrect I'm guessing that the temp causes the screen to contract by a marginal amount that then makes the screen register phantom touches. This is, of course, a half-baked pseudo-technical hypothesis :wacko: but it seems odd that both times this has happened has been outside during cold weather.
  6. Hudl Android device recovery

    "ya gonna need another SD Card if ya wonna do Flashes with it" That is a great idea! I've got a spare 16GB sitting around that I can format to FAT32 and use for flashing. I shall have a bash this weekend. Thanks Lister.
  7. Hudl Android device recovery

    Thanks again guys. Lister, I've had a look at the RKTools option you mentioned but it seems to be a ROM flash with CWM baked in, which is great, and I wished I'd found that right at the beginning. At the moment though I've added all my apps and tweaked things so much I can't muster the energy to reset everything again (lame excuse I know but I've done it so many times with my phone...). That's one of the reasons I'd like the custom recovery options. Another issue is my 64gb SD card is formatted to NTFS (so I could have files larger than 4gb on). I use Paragon to manage the card but of course when you're in recovery the card is unreadable because Paragon isn't available. So I can't put zip files on the external card. Maybe over the weekend I'll have a go with the TabbieDroid ROM and RKTools.
  8. Hudl Android device recovery

    Aaaand at the moment the process for getting CWM on the Hudl is a pretty scary one for someone not well versed in Linux and command line inputs and all that malarky. I think I'm going to have to wait until some kind soul manages to develop a less scary Win7 route to getting it; which is annoying because without the "flash from internal drive" and other nice functions of CWM recovery I'm a bit stuck :(
  9. Hudl thoughts

    OK. Final question for tonight. How do I go about getting custom recovery features (CWM or TWRP) added to the Hudl? Is the CWM MK802 ok to use?
  10. Hudl thoughts

    Ha-ha. I looked at that and wondered if it was a hard reszet button but decided it was the microphone and I shouldn't stick a sharp object in it :blink: I'm now fiddling try to get GravityBox working with the xposed framework (which isn't proving to be quite as straight forward since the gravity box module won't load). Time to uninstall and retry.
  11. Hudl thoughts

    Me again. I have a small problem. Having rebooted into recovery I accidentally switch to adb sideload mode and now I can't get out of it. I've tried holding down the power button for 30 sec and combinations of power and vol but nothing seems to work. Do any of you more knowledgeable people have an idea of how I might get back to rebooting? If I have to sideload something in order for the Hudle to reboot do you think its possible to sideload a Gravity box zip? Would an alternative be to let the battery run down and power up from USB? Bit desperate so any help gratefully received and I promise not to press things until I know exactly what they do :unsure: Forget everything I just said. I was button mashing and, don't ask me how, the damn thing just rebooted! Don't you hate those moments when you think you've just bricked your (brand new device). I'm going for a little lie down now!
  12. Hudl thoughts

    Cool guys. Thank you for your replies. I'll check out CWM and XPosed :D
  13. Hudl thoughts

    Hi all, I've just joined MoDaCo since it seems the only place there's a proper Hudl discussion forum. I'm a regular XDA reader and having been flashing custom roms on my Galaxy Note for over a year. I picked my new Hudl up yesterday and rooted it via Kingo with no problems. What I'm wondering at the moment is: 1. Is it possible to get CWM working on this tab? 2. Anyone have any thoughts on whether its possible to colour calibrate the screen (one of the very few quibbles I have with the tab so far) 3. Does anyone know if it's possible to add a menu softkey (my other quibble) 4. Anyone have any opinions on custom ROMs for the Hudl. I'm no dev but it'd be great to have a custom CM mod for this tab. I use the CM Asylum rom on my note (may move over to the new Omni rom though) and something like that would be brilliant Anywho, it's good to have found this forum and I hope we get more people interested in bending the Hudl to our will ;)

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