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  1. This rom is absolutely perfect. Butter smooth, and really really quick at starting apps. Great work! Adding xposed and gravitybox to the base rom was a smart choice. It gives way more customization options.
  2. Your rom looks quite amazing. You seem the kind of guy who knows things best and is familiar with android. Definitely gonna try your rom out. Cheers.
  3. Guys, if you want transparent status bar without taking a performance hit, instead of modifying build.prop, set low_ram to true again, and download Xposed Framework, and install Tinted Status Bar. Works better than stock transparency, and it auto-detects color for some app, similar to iOS7. Take a look:
  4. Dazzozo, does this ROM support Xposed framework?
  5. I'm having a bit of a problem. I can't flash the new nightly, I start downloading it and it just stops 2 seconds later, no report, no nothing. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Oh dear. So no play music for a big while? Well... I guess it's time to buy a 16gb sd to fill with music :D
  7. As for 2, your battery calibration might be a bit off.
  8. Actually, the most stock experience and smoother than launcher3 is Google Launcher that comes with the full package of gapps. Maybe you could try that.
  9. You're right about that RAM lack thing. People think that more free ram is better. What's actually better is more ram being used by programs to make them faster.
  10. I find that overall this rom is a bit slower than stock-based rom, in opening apps, and such. And it indeed is a bit sluggish on GUI performance. Been a week with B199 Rom and just installed latest nigthly and the performance is noticeable. Anyway it's a minor thing and shouldn't bother daz, but I think this phone is reaching it's top capabilities with 4.4 .
  11. Hope not to be a nuisance, but is there any way to fix Play Music streaming? I kinda want to use both the rom and play music.
  12. I can confirm this. Google Play Music streaming lags the phone completely and it lasts 3 seconds before rebooting itself.
  13. Play Music doesn't show the option for setting the download drive (internal or external) added on the last update. Could you have a look at it daz?
  14. Yeah, indeed it's unfortunate.
  15. Guys, use zRam. It's built in in performance options. It should help with random reboots from the lack of ram. 18% compression did the trick. Now it doesn't reboot randomly, but it reboots when streaming play music. Is there any known way to fix play music stream?