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  1. Hi, Thanks. I think I tried yours eariler. I found the problem with the ones I linked to. SOME of the gapps packages are for android 4.3, others for 4.4 Rather confusing, and it didn't state they are mixed. I made sure I downloaded a 4.4, and we are in business. Thanks for the replies
  2. Yea I have the ascend y300 kit kat rom maybe im using the wrong gapps Can find one that works I tried this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942 Theres to many to choose,what one works? Direct link please because mediafire has about 10 versions of each file. And it says its incompatible when i try to flash it any ideas please?
  3. I installed the CM11 fine, but this gapps makes my phone crash 'unfortunately google has stopped working' etc etc please help
  4. With a fresh reset of my phone (Y300) using this mod (nightly build from19th of this month), I have a strange issue with memory: Before i check 'use SD as primary' my memry reads like this: Internal storage: total space: 1.11GB - 108GB available Sd card: 7.39GB internal storage: 1.10GB - 0.92GB available. Then when i check 'use SD as primary', after reboot it says my internal space is 1.11GB, but there is only 111mb available. This makes it impossible to install some larger apps. Where on earth does the memory all go just from selecting that option? Thanks
  5. Hi. Thanks for the help guys. My next problemis, why, when moving apps onto an SD card, does it thensay 'app isnt installed' when you try to open it.? This has just happened on both my Y300 and my HP touchpad, both running CyanogenMod. It just seems that moving apps is so 'dangerous'. 50% of the time they no longer work. This is a serious issue and needs addressing. Any ideas on this problem? thanks
  6. Thanks for the helps. I have reset and will try to set it up again. Thanks
  7. Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble with two issues. 1. It wont let me install apps onto my external SD card. I 'moved applications to sd card' but they just went into the internal sd card - no use at all. 2. Even with USB debugging enabled, my computer wont pick up my device when I plug it in. Any ideas? Thanks v much Plus... I spend about 5 hours getting all my apps installed (in the wrong place), then because my phone wont communicate via usb to my computer, I remove the sd card, put some films on it , put it back in my phone. But now my apps wont work 'app isnt installed' , 'app isnt installed'... I reset my phone and looked at my apps, then looked at what apps are onmy sd card. It says my sd card is only 1 gb. its not. its 8 gb. I think its putting things in the wrong place. I'd actually love to know why android and sd cards and so unreliable. most of my devices have had similar problems. I'll reset my phone back to factory settings and I hope someone can tell me where the hell im going wrong. It would be great to own an android device that DOESNT keep screwing up when I put things onto external SD card. Thanks, any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Any clues as to how i do that please? It's ok, I found it on the main page here I'll to install it, thanks
  9. Hi all. I have the Huwaei Y300 I followed the instructions here: http://huawei-y300.tumblr.com/post/47366836617/how-to-unlock-and-root-huawei-ascend-y300-all Then I installed the latest nightly rom from your list. It seems to be working but there is no google play app?!?!? Surely this cant be right? please advise