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    How do I delete my account

    Please delete.. I had not figured out how to
  2. Hi! I have to repair an Asus Vivo Tab RT that has broken glass and touch but the screen is still working. Is there a way to repair glass and touch only or i'll have to replace everything? Thanks
  3. Flashed this rom yesterday. Very good. But, don't know why, the phone cannot connect to camera and to microphone. Someone can help me?
  4. Passed from 03/04 nightly to 03/27 and then 03/28 but camera keep force closing on opening... Someone can help me please? (i have an y300-100 and i'm using ART)
  5. sadly i have not got my pc with windows with me now, only got ubuntu. It is the same? tried with goo manager or rom manager but they say that there aren't update available now for my device EDIT: I've got windows now thanks
  6. Is there a way to have this rom with TWRP? Just tried with but it get me an error. is it compatible with xposed framework?
  7. thank for the reply. I have always it disabled. I think that is not an app that's wakelocking the system but the system itself that doesn't go in deep sleep
  8. Hi guys. I've got a big issue that is afflicting my y300 and i don't know how to fix it: my phone doesn't go in deep sleep at all (0 seconds in deep sleep in a week and more). I'm using fusionx room and stock kernel, but the situation is the same with stock rom, with cexstel kernel even after some total wipe (not factory reset but TOTAL wipe). I've tried even to freeze all apps and leaving my phone into airplane mode but nothing. Someone can help?
  9. have you press the "set at boot" button? maybe it's for that
  10. what about adding the script to shut down one core when CPU is idle? is it good idea ?
  11. For a phone that decided not to go in deep sleep, this kernel and 19 mhz frequency is wonderful. Great work Ceastel!
  12. no it's not harmful, in the worst scenario the phone will become a bit hot. the problem is that in that way the cpu eat a lot of battery (very very much). I suggest you to put 196 as min and ondemand governor, if you want a faster phone despite battery life use interactive. if you use cexstel kernel put the min to 65 mhr and smartass v2 governor. I don't know very good the differences between all those governor added by cexstel, I Google some of them and resulted that smartass is one of the most used and so I'm using it and I'm satisfacted.
  13. tillaz suggested goo backup and I'm using that app too. it's better than titanium because you don't need to buy it to have silent install. and trust me installing 100+ app manually is awful
  14. +1 and sometimes the phone disconnect from wifi and cannot connect again because is out of range but i have the router 50 cm from the phone...luckily it's sufficient to turn off and on again the wifi to make it work properly