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  1. navas22 added a post in a topic ZTE Blade S6 review   

    The Blade S6 tries to imitate the iPhone 6, but it will fool no one, its finish is not up to par, however it remains a very good smartphone for this price.
    prix galaxy note 4 ipad mini ecran retina
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  2. navas22 added a post in a topic Honor 6 Plus gets UK price & launch date   

    Finally, the best clone of iPhone 6 will arrive on market, and it is half-price that iPhone is good news.
    prix samsung galaxy s6 achat galaxy s5
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  3. navas22 added a post in a topic Samsung announce the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge   

    The successor of the Galaxy S5 is even more powerful, offers better battery life, the new Galaxy S6 Edge will offer the same features as the Galaxy S6, but both sides of the screen are curved.
    iphone 5s ipad air 2 avec forfait
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  4. navas22 added a post in a topic Honor Holly 'price-hacked' to £74.99   

    the Honor Holly is an entry-level smartphone that offers a good price-quality ratio , it is quite effective in everyday basic tasks.
    galaxy note 4 avec abonnement achat iphone 6
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  5. navas22 added a post in a topic Sony xperia z1   

    they should be playable, I don't this problem, but I guess you mean the SD of the phone no the SD which can be removed
    acheter galaxy note 3 galaxy note 3 abonnement
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  6. navas22 added a post in a topic Sony Xperia Z1 Quick Review   

    samsung prepare the next galaxy s5 and the successor of the galaxy note 3 the samsung galaxy s5 would have a camera as good as the camera of the Xperia Z1
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  7. navas22 added a post in a topic Moto G root solution now available   

    i just root because i cant live without greenify anymore, is so good as a battery saver for me
    ipad mini avec ecran retina samsung galaxy s5
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  8. navas22 added a post in a topic Battery life mystery   

    with my smartphone is the screen that consumes the most energy not the OS, maybe this is related to applications and operating widget
    ipad air acheter nexus 5
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  9. navas22 added a post in a topic IFA Highlights   

    the Xperia Z1 is amazing, it's the best smartphone around, but the galaxy note 3 remain the best phablet utile now
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  10. navas22 added a post in a topic LG G2 Review   

    After several smartphones rather successful (including Optimus and Optimus G F5), LG manages to strike a blow with the G2. In many respects, it is also better than its direct competitor, the galaxy s4: the screen still gleans a few tenths of inches on the hull, the Snapdragon processor 800 closer to the performance of galaxy note 3, and finish seems substantially greater, Samsung have to catch up with it's next galaxy s5 because the G2 is nearly the best smartphone around
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  11. navas22 added a post in a topic Android or Windows Phone?   

    I think if you play with emulators it's preferable to have Android, more Google play have more applications than windows store
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