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  1. I could successfully flash using this tool and the rom from here https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B6xlBPoXgsR3eEJGZmVSMkFlbGc I booted up fone by camera + volume up +power and flashed using local falsh file mode and browsed to flash.xml from above rom package.
  2. Is there a guide here how to flash xolo x900 fresh from a rom? download links of xolo rom?
  3. Yes it shuts down completely. And wont boot up successfully unless i plug it in or wait for a while (or else it shuts off again before login screen) It is rooted but it was working fine till now.
  4. My xolo x900 turns of even if its fully charged , esp when using internet like chat aps, browser etc. Once it turns of it does not boot to home screen for long, and turns off again right after showing intel logo, or right where we have to unlock screen. I can get it to turn on after like 15 mins. Otherwise it will turn on if I switch it on while connected to charger. I am confused whether it is an internet issue or battery issue. This problem is not noted when data network is turned off. Also the phone never turns of when it is connected to charger with datanetwork on. I have been using the phone for an year with no issues. No idea why this is happening all of sudden.