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  1. There is a working version now, you can find it here.
  2. Funny, I have just noticed an hour ago that custom recoveries will boot, as long as the size doesn't change too much. However, my signing environment is broken and I was just getting it fixed. Thanks for your work man, this works :)
  3. I think it is signed..? Does it check for its own signature somewhere?
  4. Had the same issue. I am not even able to boot stock recovery.img via fastboot boot.
  5. 2. It is advised to wipe userdata and cache after flashing a ROM, so yes, you would loose your data. 3. Once you've unlocked your bootloader via motorola.com, your phone is registered as unlocked in their database, so even if you relock the bootloader, they will know that it was unlocked once.
  6. Whoops. Sorry, typo. I meant 4Gb of course.
  7. Well... Then I am running out of ideas. This is another topic, please open a new thread ;)
  8. daniels-mbp:Desktop zanooda$ md5 r2-motog-superboot.zip MD5 (r2-motog-superboot.zip) = a4ca11f526f57f643a0a552ec234ad6f Tried as root, also. I also tried it on Windows (with and without elevated command prompt) and on Linux, as normal user and as root. All operating systems were booted natively, not inside a hypervisor. Tried all USB ports. Can anyone who has root working verify the fastboot output from my last post? Maybe there are different bootloader versions.
  9. Hmm... What is your phone saying in fastboot mode? Mine (not working) is: AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) 40.19 (sha-1b44c96, 2013-10-16 16:47:58) CPU: MSM8226 CS eMMC: 8GB ID=15 RV=06 PV=02 TY=17 DRAM: 1024MB Samsung S4 SDRAM DIE=4Gb Battery OK Device is UNLOCKED. Status Code: 3
  10. I am not from UK, I have the retail German version.
  11. Are you able to flash your superboot.img as primary boot partition and boot from it without an error?
  12. Just did so, flashed _everything_ (including logo & radio) from retail.en.GB. No effect, besides the fact that the phone shows me "en.GB" in system version now. Still cannot boot Pauls superboot.
  13. Paul, I already tried other operating systems (I have tripleboot: OSX, Win8.1, Kali Linux), other cables and switching USB ports (also tried both USB3 and USB2.0), semms not to have any effect..
  14. You have the same problem as me. There is no solution yet.

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