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  1. @chil360: Wonderful ROM, but could you please look into OpenSL-ES implementation? Application like CSipSimple does not work on Slimkat because of it - whenever it tries to initiate call, audio driver crashes. Switching to Java backend doesn't fix it either. It works fine on stock ROMs. (It doesn't work on Daz's CM11 too) Thank you very much for your work.
  2. I can't use this ROM unfortunately...CSipSimple Does not work correctly with it, when I try to call, it often does nothing, and sometimes it calls, but sound is on speaker, when I click speaker icon I can hear a loud crackling noise and then call terminates. So it looks like there are some conflicts with audio drivers or something. On original huawei ROM it works fine. If you find some time to look into this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. But even then, I thank you for your contribution, your rom looks great and performs as well - aside from this issue,
  3. Yes, I actually have two Y300's...With TWRP it works just fine, but I didn't know if TWRP actually formats /system or just performs wipe as CWM does. Anyway, as I said if I only performed factory reset/wipe data, cache and dalvik wifi works. It's weird... Using latest CWM by the way. Also probably worth adding that when flashing using CWM, last line in log is "Installing updates..." nothing about flashing complete (I am not surte if it says that at all). But there are no errors, and after a while of "Installing updates..." I can continue interacting with CWM again.
  4. Edited my original post above, I already found out what's wrong with it. Question is whether this needs fixing or not... I just tried and same issue is in previous Beta 7 release. But as I said, it only happens when I try to install it truly cleanly (with formatting /system). It's a as if some file regarding Wifi is missing in FusionX...
  5. I'm trying to install FusionX B8 on my Y300-0100 using CWM. I booted to recovery, chose these in order: - Wipe data/factory reset - Wipe /cache - Advanced->Wipe dalvik cache - Storage->Format /system I then proceeded to install FusionX from zip. It installed alright, after few minutes it booted into it without problem. But when I try to connect to wifi, it says "Enabling wifi" and it's stuck there for ~10 minutes without doing anything. When I tried to install CM11/KitKat on it, it enabled wifi just fine. Also, in Settings-About->Status I cannot see Wifi MAC address :/ EDIT: Issue identified. It seems formatting /system breaks it somehow, other ROMs have no issue registering wifi MAC address, but FusionX looks like needs remnants of original ROM for it to function. Therefore, upon restoring original NAND backup of my phone and following process as described above, with exception of Formating /system fixed this problem. @Tillaz: is this intentional, or a bug?