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  1. something extremely strange has just happened... after migrating my phone and just using it normally for the past few hours while wallowing at the fact i cant install apks, just now i thought id have another go at amazon appstore, installed fine! i thought id try aDownloader, that too installed fine :) im not sure what caused this, i did install a couple of apks via gDrive, i wonder if that had any effect or maybe Moto Migrate migrated some setting from my S2?
  2. yeh the gDrive option works fine but that isnt the way it should be working. ordered another one from tesco, lets see how that one behaves.
  3. No joy :-(
  4. This is what I get/do once it turns on after reset: Confirm language - English uk Connect to wifi "About your privacy" screen shows - tap "privacy settings" - turn off Privacy Controls "Help Improve Motorola Products" and "Moto Care" - back - accept and continue. Got Google - no (also tried yes) Make it Google - not now Asks for Moto migration - not now. Settings - security - tick unknown sources. Also tried with a combination of unticking Verify Apps Open chrome - download Amazon AppStore (or any apk) - try and install and get parsing error. Anything else I can try?
  5. where are you finding these two options?
  6. Where are you turning off Motorola security features?
  7. Hey can you confirm what the warning screen was in regards to?
  8. Make a separate post for this dude.
  9. Yup, I started this thread before all that lol
  10. The apk error is very strange. Some people don't have any issues from out of the box. Some people can't install anything and for some a reset works.
  11. Which unlock shows this warning? Bootloader? Sim unlock? Flashing stock rom?
  12. Try connecting the phone while it's turned on normally so windows can installthe drivers. Then try the steps again.
  13. does this also apply root?
  14. im guessing it will be on the generic Uk Retail rom after flashing this, thus updates direct from Moto? also, will it take away the ebay sim unlock that ive applied? and does this root?
  15. Hey guys, Can someone post a step by step "for dummies" guide to flashing the stock unbranded firmware to over right the UK Tesco firmware? I've already downloaded the unbranded UK RETAIL firmware from here and unlocked my phone to use on other networks, that's as far as I've got. Not looking to root or anything else, just to apply the stock unbranded firmware so that I can get future updates from Motorola and not Tesco. Thanks.

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