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  1. Pebble smartwatch

    Well, if it's inside Europe, I mean, product is sent from an European country, you shouldn't pay nothing more than shipping (Portugal here).
  2. stock camera and gallery

    Try to install and move into system and see if it works... don't have default gallery, I uninstalled it cuz I use quickpic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtklxageae0h6c2/AcerCamera.apk
  3. [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    That's on-demand doing its job...try msm-dcvs and see if it gets better.
  4. [PETITION] Android 4.4 KitKat for acer s500

    When i emailed them they told me there won't be an update...this was a few months ago...
  5. Unlocking bootloader.

    I installed leaked version, fastboot and unblock oem something... don't forget to look at version. Then just install whatever Rom you want and recovery.
  6. I think he really meant the update.zip from stock Rom, not the whole Rom.
  7. Or you may try to rename qosmgr to something else and reboot. I found that this little bitch was the cause of many reboots and dead sleeps...
  8. You may backup user apps + system data but when restoring I'd do it differently. I think it's better to restore through TB only user apps first, reboot, and then restore only some system data you may find important (Wi-Fi passwords, sms, call log, etc), not all system data as TB can mess with your restore and put you on bootloop (i already made that mistake a few times)... And yeah, a clean install is always better. I normally take less than 30 min to clean install and restore everything...
  9. Errors during CM10.1 build

    Wish you luck with that! Want another version too... B)
  10. It's not strange. That's how you calibrate your battery. Do it once a month it's my advice too. Yes, sometimes it's hard to open the damn phone... :P
  11. Lately i've seen a bunch of people sayin that o xda, ex here. I assume the one how wrote that made enough research to reach that conclusion. For many years i read people arguing and i think it's almost 50/50. (Hope he didn't write that just to call for attention...) As for the CPU that's weird bcuz i was using stock rom and after each reboot it kept the governor and scheduler, not the default values.
  12. If you read previous posts you'd find it's not necessary to download exe crap...