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  1. Q97 support added!
  2. Updated with Q50 / Q57 support.
  3. Updated to r5 with 1331 support!
  4. Q1002 support added!
  5. It should already...
  6. Hi all! I have bought a Gemini 7007 tablet and decided that i'd like to have the Play Store as well as the Amazon Store. I've created a little app (install as any normal APK) that installs the Play Store. If you use this, you do so at your own risk, I can't provide support. After installing and running you can uninstall. It should now work on the following machines: 7007 (D7) 7100 (D71) 7851 (GD8 & GD8 Pro) 8902 (D8) 1000 (D10) 1002 (Q10) 1331 (Q13) Q50 and Q57 Smartphones 9909 (Q97) I'm trying to support as many tablets as possible, so if you have a Gemini device without Play Store and it's not in the list, let me know :) DOWNLOAD - here Mirror link -

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