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  1. Can't Root

    @jcbod1 have you activaed usb debugging? Are you using kingroot apk from xda? You have to use wifi in kingroot
  2. Obligatory Post Your Homescreen Thread

    Keeping it simple
  3. Keyboard lag

    sorry, i was thinking he was using ics or up ! :D
  4. Keyboard lag

    use google keyboard. it never fails: http://d-h.st/3JZ
  5. this is quite strange... my chip is SJS00M , but the date is 04/1997 :O wat the hell is this?
  6. but with cm10.2, cm10.x and cm9 i could use google play store without the services. why in this version, it had broken?
  7. but can't u tell me why google play store don't work without gplay services?
  8. hi, can someone tell me how to use cyanogenmod 11 google play store(i use normal gapps, yourzgapps, and minimal gapps) and everyone should have google play services installed. can someone tell me how to use cyanogenmod11 play store without google play services. another thing. there's a LOT of FC, when using GPS(High precision) and(i already know that should be a bit normal), there's a lot of battery consuption, when using mobile data and GPS(but battery drains really fast) Then, I think that cyanogenmod 11 nightilies should be updated to android 5 or 4.5? http://developer.android.com/preview/index.html And too, since cm9, that I CAN'T USE otg. i connect 2 different mouses(not portable) and they simply aren't recognized.
  9. [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    Hi dazzozo, check the integration with google keyboard i cant put it on system and video decoding. Also ckeck wat is making so must waste of cpu and ram and, PLEASE, go back to weekly updates. This rom is the best. Thanks
  10. xda doesn't have a g300 section mate

  11. i am going to xda cause this rules are 2 sensitive

  12. app compatibility

    Upgrade to jb to have newest apps. Tip:use my rom , matrix rom if u will update
  13. [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    That's not vital, that only injuries login in youtube, nothing else. And it can be installed easily, so, it's impossible 2 have crashes. Everyone can choose to use or not use that "evil" app
  14. [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    Wat? In my ROM there's no crashes . feedbacks on my topic plz
  15. with adb: adb reboot fastboot download twrp (and drivers) and in fastboot flash recovery then fastboot reboot. it will reboot. in system, adb reboot recovery. in recovery, install a rom, like mine :D(matrix rom) problem solved