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  1. HDMI not full screen

    Not too stressed about it really. My point was it should work correctly. It doesn't, and that's a shame. Yes, the hudl is a great little gadget for the money, and i shan't be returning it. To be fair it's not even really Tesco's fault, more Android. I have learned a lesson though, use a standalone media player for hdtv needs ;) I wonder if 'Wireless Display' exhibits similar behaviour...
  2. HDMI not full screen

    It strikes me that it is a complete con - with the current version of OS - to advertise this product as having 1080p hdmi output. To blame it on the devices built in display's resolution is retarded. My laptop has a 1024x768 display, but it happily outputs via hdmi at 1080p correctly. Android should treat an external display as a seperate device, but it just mirrors it's own display pixel count apparently, ignoring the fact the hudl's own display resizes and shows correctly (That bit makes zero sense imo). Why even have a 1080p option in there if it is unable to output a full 1080p signal? In fact why have any of the options there apart from 480p+zoom (as it's the only one that gets close without 3rd party interference)? If i remember right both 1080p and 720p settings cause the same issue. Reading that nexus devices on the same version of Android suffer the same problem doesn't fill me with joy. Do KitKat devices work properly? Maybe there is hope. [/rant] (Due a mobile phone upgrade any day, gonna have to get one with hdmi out to check it out if it copes now lol)
  3. Helios Rom v1.0

    flashed an hour or so ago, so far so good, now it's time to sleep
  4. Battery issue

    Not sure if this has been covered anywhere, i have tried searching but to no avail After finding the battery drains pretty fast even when in standby i looked into it with BetterBatteryStats and the device rarely goes into deep sleep (out of 24 hours it deep sleeps for maybe 2 or 3). This can't be right. With my phone it's the other way around and i use it far more. Looking at kernel wakelocks i see 'rtc_hym8563' busy for 64% of time since last charged (even tho the device has been screen off sitting doing nothing) I have done a google dance and can make no sense of it, but it seems to me this is an issue that could possibly be fixed? Anyone got any ideas? Or is it just me?