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  1. [ROM] MIUI V5 [4.4.4] | G510/Y300

    In the kernel contain the baseband version or something else baseband patch? I put the fat.img and modem bins from miui_foreign But nevertheless i was hangup call I think that only the kernel stay without changeing. Any idea?
  2. [ROM] MIUI V5 [4.4.4] | G510/Y300

    I think that is asian baseband version
  3. [ROM] MIUI V5 [4.4.4] | G510/Y300

    Hi! Could somebody that how fix the hang up calls on baidu rom? I installed europen baseband but was not function! Please help?
  4. On stock b199 I have not got random reboots with 0.54 kernel Cpu set 65-1008Mhz :)
  5. Hi ceastel I use yor newest stock kernel,and i find a solution by gps The gps signal is dropped out,and find again once 10/10 satelite and then 4/4 or 1/1 and then 11/11 Gps is function,but signal was always changeing Please fix ! Thanks Awesome kernel!!!