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  1. The best ROM for this phone is H3ROS AOSP :) Fast, smooth and stable. It's old but it can do the dirty job :D Friz's rom is beautiful, and modern but has blackscreens because this phone is old and unsupported. So, don't waste your time looking for a Lollipop / Marshmallow rom for this device because our device only has 512MB ram, it will be always slow and unstable if you install other roms.
  2. Yes, but this problem is common to all LL-MM roms, it isn't related to your excellent job! :) If it can be helpful, this happened when phone was stressed (eg. using browser). Someone tells it can be related to intelliplug but I can't say you more because I never investigated by myself. All I can say is you made a small masterpiece! This ROM has a lot of free ram and is smoother than aosp 4.1.
  3. I tested beta 4 on y300.
  4. Hi! I tested this ROM but I came back to AOSP 4.1. Your rom is better than other 5.1.1 roms but it's unstable... I had two black screen problems. I'll try again later when it's more mature. The good thing is that xposed works ;)
  5. You can install the full gapps if you want.
  6. I just installed beta 4: you are a magician! It's very smooth! Just a question: how can I set camera to save photos in memory card if I can't open settings dialog? Now I try to install xposed to see if it works here ;)
  7. Does it support xposed framework?
  8. This ROM is nomore supported, try AOSP MOD, SlimLP, ResurrectionRemix or CM13.
  9. Nothing to do... :( I get play service error :D I come back to AOSP :) This ROM is beautiful but unstable... maybe I'll try it again later :)
  10. I'm doing some test revoking the stay awake permission to google play services and some other little tweaks. I'll post my results if I manage to solve these lags ;)
  11. Wow :D Now it works :D I tried yesterday but only volume changed :) Thanks, I'm using poweramp, it's the best player for me. I have another questions for you :) In H3ROS AOSP, using gravitybox I was able to use volume keys to change media volume instead of ringer volume. It's possible to do the same here?
  12. I'm testing this ROM. It's the best 5.1 ROM I ever tried :) But it's not stable yet. I had some very long freezes, about 10 minutes. I changed governor and scheduler and now they're gone :D I'm using conservative governor and cfq scheduler. This ROM is very beautiful and rich of features! Just a question... How can I use volume keys to change music tracks when the screen is off?
  13. Yes, don't remove gtalk/hangouts and don't greenify them. I had the same problem some months ago.
  14. Did you uninstall gtalk or hangout?

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