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  1. I get tan error "Can't connect with the server" when trying to download from the link in the 1st post
  2. How about the radio issue with the volume?
  3. Slimkat 4.6 is out! One cuestión... Has anybody tried ART in the latest builds? How is the battery and the estability? Thanks
  4. It did not enter in deepsleep tonight
  5. Is there any way of changing the lockscreen background?
  6. The problem with network is related to the ROM or to use BanNks gapps?
  7. I think I should try first wit the initial configurations and then if I'm not happy with battery I will change the governors and this kind of things
  8. Well, I dont really know very well how to control the kernel. I'm going to read and try to understand the differences between governors. But how do I cjhange from one governor to another?
  9. WOW! Incredible hahaha well I'm going to give this ROM another try this weekend Have you make any chenge to the rom for achieving this battery performance?
  10. What wipes should be made before flashing? Just the factory reset or more?
  11. I thought Slimkat 4.0 would be available by tomorrow, just as every weekly build. I was waiting for it as I miss this great ROM, CM 11 is not as smooth.
  12. I cannot find the settings for putting the status bar transparent, I know we can change the build.prop but I have read in the forum than there is a setting
  13. The cropped numbers when writing the PIN now are shown complete! I hope everything is as good as it seems
  14. Downloading kernel v0.31 and slimkat 3.9. I'll do a clean installation as I am on v3.6 with kernel 0.30