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  1. I will check if I can see why it does not work. I think XposedFramework/GravityBox changes framework-res.apk layout stuff internally. but because mediatek related roms, are based on mediatek sdk stuff that have a different implementation for the lockscreen, its all a bit messy. actually andoid lockscreen and mediatek lockscreen co-exist in de sources, and look the same. So I think gravitybox is just a bit confused with some of the layout xml files I copied from the Caios and Sony rom, to fix centering of the glowpad (sliding lock thing). Edit: I just tested latest xposedframework with latest gravitybox, de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v25_36cbbc.apk (put in /system/app) gravitybox JB 2.8.2 installed using xposedframework module downloads needed to enable xposed, reboot, enable gravitybox, reboot again. Then changing the wallpaper for lockscreen in gravitybox worked, on swipe, pin and pattern. so I don't know what you are doing different, but its working here.
  2. The easy way is to have a locker app installed. Mi locker / holo locker. after you set settings->security->screen lock to none, this is to prevent the system locker from showing before the installed lockscreen app is loaded. Thl hardcoded the original lockscreen all over android.policy.jar atm there are two places in KeyguardViewManager.smali where the wallpaper is hardcoded to the resource (search for 0x1080614) If I remove these, the lockscreen is just black. And I didn't find where the wallpaper should be normally set yet. Also the gallery setting the lockscreen wallpaper option was removed by Thl. So it would take some time to fix all these things. Maybe in the future I will look into it again. But for now I wanted to share what I allready had :)
  3. On first time running the image I need to change provider settings (mobile networks - names accespoints) . the server verification type to "pap and chap" and back to none again, before it connects. But this is to get the 3g connection. I needed to do this on other rom's / modem.img as well. The newer modem.img I used was to fix problems with O2 provider users, according to RiseAgainst If the above doesn't work, can you try the old modem.img to see if it maybe wasn't such a good idea to change to the newer one. original modem.img in /system/etc/firmware I can only test with vodafone provider, so more input on this issue is welcome
  4. @zurpher When you have inserted two sim cards, it ask if you want the dual button interface, or you want a leading sim card (single button interface). I didn't investigate it any further but it sounds like the single button interface selection, is what you want. As far as I know, it is not possibe to assign one card to texting, and the other to calls. Offcource you can modify the rom, but understanding and changing the decompiled smali code is not a simple thing to do, and will take a lot of time.
  5. I made a new Rom images based on X9-W100Port-Frankish-V1.1 Improvements: Removed everything Thl, Removed Thl bootlogo Recoded to have AOSP Lockscreen (was hardcoded all over the place) Default Jellybean lockscreen background like this Removed settings for thl lockscreen Changed to modem.img version V6.P8 All gps fixes done (gps.conf & build.prop) Rooted the boot.img And found a way to store volume configuration in the rom! Clear and loud on default. I didn't find a way in the sources to change the lockscreen wallpaper dynamically. But for themers, its easy to find in framework-res Otherwise use holo-lockscreen or something like that. X9-W100Port-Nhede-V1.0.zip Thanks to Frankish for the previous rom, and to RiseAgainst (from www.android-hilfe.de) for collecting all the info. mirrors: share-online.biz: Share-Online - dl/7TS1ZRXMZA megashares.com: http://d01.megashares.com/index.php?d01=LZh4Zjg bitshare.com: Download X9-W100Port-Nhede-V1.0.zip - BitShare.com - Free File Hosting and Cloud Storage uploaded.net: X9-W100Port-Nhede-V1.0.zip (291,48 MB) - uploaded.net depositfiles.eu: DepositFiles uptobox.com: Download W100Port Nhede zip bayfiles.net: BayFiles turbobit.net: http://turbobit.net/0gqbr4cblpgu.html rapidgator.net: Download file X9-W100Port-Nhede-V1.0.zip uploadhero.co: X9-W100Port-Nhede-V1.0.zip - UploadHero filerio.in: http://filerio.in/hq43m1wxeqgi uppit.com http://uppit.com/ilkkgu9m0un6