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  1. ^^^ Checked "Wi-Fi optimisation" is ON. More info soon :) Thx
  2. Thanks. that configuration changes fix the WiFi always on. I am going to check if that was related to the battery drop.
  3. @szpilasty is it a bug? Is there any way to fix that? is there any workaround? @KonstaT Is it possible to check what is wrong in the battery drain and WiFi? I could help gathering some logs and run some debug build if necessary.
  4. Hi All again, I have a problem with battery draining. I am on Blade Gen2 on Oct build. Just before the battery drop the blade changed and I need to remove battery. What is also strange here is that the battery statistics shows that WiFi is used all the time, however, it is disabled. Is this known issue? How can I help to debug? How to gather logs if needed? Thanks in Advance.
  5. Seems like I am an idiot :) I had installed the GEN3 Patch before but after your suggestions I checked the gen version. I have used the blade checker. I was sure I have gen3 but it turned out i have gen2. I have reloaded the rom and now it is working fine! Thanks again!
  6. Hi All, I am new here. I have just updated the ZTE Blade Gen 3 phone with this CM Rom. I have moved from CM7.2 Everything works fine except that I cannot connect to cell network :( So I have the phone that is not calling/receiving :( Is this a known issue? How can I check what is wrong? Is there any WA for that? Thanks in advance.