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  1. Thanks mate but didnt sorted out after couple of reboots and reinstalling GB still that error exist :(
  2. Thanks for ur reply i've done all these steps same as u said but don't know whats
  3. Activated module in xposed n reboot aswell but still the same error :(
  4. Hi there am using 31/12 nightly on Y300 and as u said above about gravitybox(kk) after installing it, when i opened gravitybox got error n app closes itself :( ??
  5. Hello every1 am using 27/12 nightly on my Y300 and my problem is with apps like with facebook when ever i opened it, have to login each n every time and some of my apps are not opened in back ground like when i check recent opened apps by pressing home button and can see theres only few apps are opened in background not all apps.....need ur help peeps as i am new to all these cm and custom rom things. Thanks in advance.
  6. @TheKisama Flash the latest nightly, 12/16/2013! Thanx m8 just flashed cm11 16/12/13 problem sorted
  7. Hiya plz help!!!! i've flashed this cm 11nightly 15/12/13 on my huawei Y300 and after flashing i cant move apps 2sd :( plzz help me out :( ..... Thanx in advance.