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  1. works great....thank you
  2. man just 1 problem... PLEASE UPLOAD IT ON ANOTHER HOSTING SITE!!! if you want i can upload it on my mediafire account and post the link...
  3. Also another annoying bugg....very actually. If you install ROM with AcerCloud you will have a bad time.. after i connect to my wireless network to add my google account acer cloud will crash.."AcerCloud has stopped working".. after you click ok.. message pops up imediatly and can't to anything...had to reinstall ROM. i assume i can install it from market like terminal...
  4. spiderman07

    [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    super user works correctly this time.. show notification and allows acces. 7 lockscreens.... but big downside...using 4.2.2 quick panel but you can't add tiles(big square tiles). and can't acces that directly...like swipe down from the left or right part of screen... and automatic brightness works badly...really badly..
  5. terminal emulator crashes when launched...but i delete it like google TTS and install again from marked and work perfect.
  6. spiderman07

    [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    every time i unlock the phone it comes with lowest brightness..i keep it on auto...and it takes quite a lot of time to adjust the screen brightness.
  7. - sometimes can't use back button to close app(Chrome)...and Chrome hasn't crashed...it's still responds normal... - when sending a message(not all the time) - after i hit send - Launcher has stoped working... - 2 freezes until now... did full wipe before installing it... instaled using TWRP
  8. it would be nice... but i set it to show what day is and it's fine... also we can't change the number of home screens... 5 is too big for me. i always used 3.
  9. some pics would be nice... used aroma installer before and it's nice.... i like it....all stock functionality but with more speed.... :D